Eken Park Neighborhood Association Blog

EPNA July 1, 2021 meeting minutes

Meeting called to order at 6:36pm. Intro/ Approval of Minutes 13 people in attendance. Tom moves, Alex seconds, approval of June minutes passed. Alex (Treasurer) Financial update: $16,000 in bank Past quarter expenses ~$860 Festival Insurance/Permit Fees $200 Friends Starkweather Creek Anticipated another $2,700 in Festival expenses Tables submitted by Alex: Q2 Transactions Category ItemContinue reading “EPNA July 1, 2021 meeting minutes”

Agenda for EPNA August Meeting – this Thursday, 6:30 via Zoom

Hi neighbors – it’s meeting time again! Here’s what we plan to cover this Thurs at 6:30pm 10 Minutes Intro/ Approval of Minutes 5 Minutes Bike Days 5 Minutes Website Update 5 Minutes Treasurer Update 5 Minutes Elections 5 Minutes Festival Updates 5 Minutes Greenspace Committee (Butterfly Garden) 10 Minutes Alder Updates 10 Minutes OpenContinue reading “Agenda for EPNA August Meeting – this Thursday, 6:30 via Zoom”


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