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Agenda for EPNA November Meeting – this Thursday, 6:30 via Zoom

Hi neighbors – it’s meeting time again! Here’s what we plan to cover this Thurs at 6:30pm 10 Minutes Intro/ Approval of Minutes 30 Minutes Co-chair and Secretary Elections 15 Minutes Committee Review 5 Treasurer Report 10 Minutes Open Comments Adjourn The Zoom meeting invite link will be sent out by Thursday morning. See youContinue reading “Agenda for EPNA November Meeting – this Thursday, 6:30 via Zoom”

EPNA October 7, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Intro/ Approval of Minutes Called to order at 6:32pm 11 people in attendance at start, 12 overall. Motion made by Maggie and seconded to approve Sept. Minutes, approved apparently unanimously. Transportation Committee Biking/walking/bussing safety. EG. Advocate for Hoard into standard bike blvd. (connects two bike paths) Transport committee would host bike week Standing committee CommentsContinue reading “EPNA October 7, 2021 Meeting Minutes”


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