January 2020 Meeting Minutes

EPNA January 9, 2020 meeting minutes

Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM.

Welcome and introductions.

Approval of December meeting minutes: 

  • Motion made, seconded, and passed to approve the meeting minutes.

Update on the Ella’s Deli property by Anne Morrison of Urban Land Interests (ULI):

  • The restaurant and house on the property are both in too poor condition to be re-used and will be torn down. 
  • The property is zoned CCT and both the zoning and neighborhood/city plans will allow 4 to 6 story buildings.  ULI is considering using the property for a multi-story mixed use building, with commercial property on the ground level facing East Washington Avenue.  They are considering using the upper floors as apartments with rents comparable to what is currently being charged in the immediate neighborhood.
  • Questions were asked about setbacks and how the building will front the streets.  The commercial property is currently planned to face E. Washington, not North Lawn.  On the North Lawn side, the building will be set back to match the rest of the buildings on that street.   
  • Anne Morrison will continue to communicate with the Neighborhood Association during the process to get feedback and to keep the neighborhood advised of plans.

Alder Syed Abbas’ update: 

  • Alder Abbas will schedule a public meeting after the Ella’s Deli site application has been submitted to the city.  
  • On January 29 (time to be determined) Alder Abbas has scheduled a public meeting with representatives from the Dunkin Donuts store that will be opening at the former KFC building on E. Washington Ave.  That meeting will be held at the Bashford Methodist Church.
  • There will be another public meeting scheduled for the new housing development at the north end of McCormick Avenue.  The date and time have not yet been determined. 
  • The city clerk’s office has requested to move the election polling site which has been at East High School to Bashford Church.  
  • On January 16 from 5:30 to 7:00 PM Alder Abbas has set up a public meeting at Bashford Church with city officials including someone from traffic engineering regarding the Oscar Mayer site plans.  
  • On January 30 (time to be decided) there will be another public open house set up by the city regarding the Oscar Mayer site plans.  This one will be held in the office building at the old Oscar Mayer plant.  Anyone who has thoughts or concerns regarding the Oscar Mayer plan is highly encouraged to attend these meetings and to look at the Oscar Mayer Special Area Plan which is online.  
  • Motion made and seconded that, “The Eken Park Neighborhood Association opposes the introduction of a four way intersection at Coolidge Street and Packers Avenue that allows motor vehicle traffic to enter the Eken Park neighborhood.”  Motion passed unanimously by the twenty-two people at the meeting.

Placemaking Committee update: 

  • Ben S. reported that Erika is working on the butterfly sculptures for the gateway on East Johnson Street.

Voucher Committee discussion:  

  • As one way to give back to our neighborhood, there has been discussion about issuing $10 vouchers to neighborhood residents which they can then use to pay someone to do things such as yard work or shoveling if they are not able to.  The thought is to pay the vouchers to kids in the neighborhood to do the work; the vouchers can then be taken to Heritage Credit Union to be put in a savings account or exchanged for cash. 
  • Motion made, seconded, and approved to establish a temporary voucher committee (headed by Erich) to set up a budget and finalize how this program will work. Ben S., Kaitlin, and Bernice volunteered to help with the committee.

Open comments: 

  • Discussion was held about holding a community brew session at Union Corners Brewery.  There were numerous expressions of support among the people in attendance.
  • Discussion was held about the neighborhood getting involved in voter registration and the census.  Attendees voiced support, with discussion to follow at later meetings.

Budget Discussion:  

  • Motion was made, seconded and passed to donate $400 for calendar year 2019 to Bashford Church. 

Motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Maggie Freespirit, Secretary

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