February 2020 Meeting Agenda

Approval of the Minutes

Update on City Meetings over the last month: 
– Old KFC / Dunkin’ Donuts 
– Two Oscar Mayer meetings

Guest speaker: Paul Noeldner; Friends of Hartmeyer Natural Area 

Pending: Community Officer update and discussion of shooting on Dahle/Pawling 

Pending: Alder Update 

Committee Updates: 
– Organizing Committees: We currently have 2 standing committees – Festival Committee and Green Space Committee. We have two temporary committees – Voucher Program and Gateway Project. We would like to invite more people to join committees – especially our standing ones. We plan to ask committees to: identify an email address where requests to join can be sent, fill out a one page form describing the committee and if any budget is needed. We will advertise this on our website and on Facebook / email. Please note – you must be a member of EPNA to be on a committee, but you are not required to attend monthly EPNA meetings. Only those meetings with your committee, as needed. 
– Voucher Committee update 
– Gateway Committee update 

Open Comments

Financial Updates: 
– Approval for EPF initial funds 


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