Oscar Mayer Plan goes to Plan Commission


If you have been concerned about opening Coolidge St. to Packers Ave., or if you have been hoping the city would turn the full 30 acres of Hartmeyer into a city park listen up!

The Oscar Mayer Plan is finally nearing the end of the planning phase. The draft will soon become an adopted plan for the nearby Oscar Mayer area, and will affect development in and nearby Eken Park for many years to come. 

This Plan Commission meeting on Monday the 10th will be one of the final times you are able to influence this plan. Please try and attend if you are able and wish to provide feedback on the plan. If you are not able, you can still provide feedback at this meeting (info below). 

Meeting Details

Plan Commission Meeting

Monday, Feb 10th @ 5:30 pm

City-County Building

210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Room 201

There is plenty of bike parking, and the 4 or the 6 will take you right to the square, from which you can easily access the building. 

How to provide feedback for the plan commission


One way you can provide feedback that will be taken into consideration at the plan commission meeting is by writing a letter in support or against different parts of the proposal. When doing so, remember that constructive and respectful feedback is always the most well received. You can email your letter to the following recipients: 

  • allalders@cityofadison.com
  • hstouder@cityofmadison.com
  • ledell.zellers@gmail.com

Comment Cards and Speaking at the Meeting

One more way to provide feedback is to attend the meeting and fill out a comment card. With filling out a comment card, you can choose to speak for three minutes, if you wish. Or, you can choose not to speak. If you are unable to attend, you can have someone fill out a comment card on your behalf and list you as choosing not to speak. If you are choosing to attend the meeting, the meeting only has one quick topic before taking up the Oscar Meyer Plan. So, being on time is important. 

If you are not able to make the meeting or write a letter for Monday, you will have another chance to weigh in when the plan eventually reaches the Common Council. 

We cannot express enough how important this plan is to the future of Eken Park.

See you there!

One thought on “Oscar Mayer Plan goes to Plan Commission

  1. Now is the time to give input on the draft plan as it is being shown s 85% complete. It is possible that this is a flag of sorts that it is “OK” to pass the torch to the common council to continue the process of reviewing and revising the plan. once the commission votes to pass it out of their committee, it then goes to the council. The Alders can then request more work be completed related to transit, housing, zoning, urban design, etc. Attending those meetings and sending comments will continue to be critical. No one is singing yet! Be engaged, follow the blog, attend meetings and email your comments. It all matters. Thanks Eken Park NA, and to Sherman NA, as you have council adopted neighborhood plans, and are engaged in working with your alder through this current planning process. Plan Well and Carry On.


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