April Meeting Cancelled

Dear Neighbors,

EPNA officers have been holding off on making a decision about our April meeting in hopes that things might get better before our April meeting. However, it continues to be clear that cancellation is the only path forward during these times. Therefore, we will be cancelling the April EPNA meeting.

We do this because we understand that there are residents of Eken Park who do not have the luxury of being less at risk for serious health complications due to COVID-19. These neighbors would not be able to attend meetings. Further, the church is a vital food pantry for many in the city. Some of these city residents who require the church’s assistance may also be at risk for serious health complications. For their safety, we should stay home.

For now, we will remain hopeful that by our May meeting the situation might change.

Stay safe,

EPNA Officers

3 thoughts on “April Meeting Cancelled

    1. We decided not to try that route for now, as the logistics might be difficult for those who are not familiar with whatever technology we may decide to choose. We did not want to make anyone feel left out of the meetings. However, as things unfold and if we need to cancel more meetings, we will revisit that decision.


      1. Whereby requires no download and you can join with any browser, even on a phone, you just need to allow the site to access your mic/camera. They only allow 4 participants at a time with the free tier but next step up is only $9.99/mo.

        I think it would be nice to meet just to talk about COVID-19 and the neighborhood. We could agree that there is only a quorum to vote when meeting in real life, to avoid excluding less tech savvy people from decision making. Try if you want here: whereby.com/epna


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