Crazy Times in Quarantine

Hey Neighbors,

What a crazy few weeks this has been! We’re so lucky to live in a neighborhood that cares about each other! It’s hard to know what to do in these unprecedented times, but here are a few things we can do in Eken Park:

  1. Sign up for our neighbor’s blogs – those neighbors are Mayor Satya and Alder Syed. They are communicating information as they have it and is a great first place to turn for the latest news.
  2. We’ve also found that NextDoor is a great place to crowdsource for assistance. You can always email the officers ( if you need to reach out.
  3. Check in on your neighbor (while practicing social distancing).  See if they need anything.  Provide a smile.
  4. We’ve seen so many of you out walking around! Grab a bag and pick up some trash while you go.
  5. We’ve already seen some beautiful sidewalk chalk messages. Stay tuned for some EPNA sponsored ideas for keeping the positivity flowing at a distance.

We’re here for you. We are here for eachother.

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