Spreading Positivity

Hello there neighbors!

Many of those around you might be starting to feel down, isolated, and in need of some cheering up. So are we. But, there is still love and positivity here in Eken Park.

Earlier this week the Isthmus posted some pictures of our neighborhood in which there were chalk messages spreading positivity in crosswalks. Yesterday, there was a group holding banners saying “One Love” and “We’ll all be okay” off the bike bridge over East Washington.

The officers have decided that we want to keep this positivity spreading.

First – we are going to give away chalk that we have stocked up for the Eken Park Festival to anyone in the neighborhood who would like it. Message us on Facebook or at treasurer@ekenpark.org with your address and you will get at least two colors of chalk from our stash. Deliveries of the chalk will begin on Monday, after the forecasted rains. They will be left at your door to maintain social distancing.

Second – if you are doing something to spread positivity in the neighborhood, or if you run into someone doing so, send us a picture of it. We want to share those on our blog and our Facebook.

We love our neighborhood and the people in it.

Unleash your positivity!

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