Green Space Committee

Hey Neighbors:  It’s finally warming up outside and we’re all itching to get outside and work in our gardens. We’ve had several of you reach out to us to clean up some of our shared Eken Park neighborhood space. Thank you! We’d encourage you to please join our GREEN SPACE COMMITTEE!!  Our neighbor (and master gardener) Rick Schwalbach is our committee chair. He is taking the approach of having neighbors “adopt a space”. We didn’t know it at the time – but it’s the perfect way to garden and have social distancing! EPNA has several spaces to adopt, including: Commercial Avenue medians, Eken Park historical marker, Eken Park and Washington Manor park signs, and many more! These spaces need cleaning up and maintaining. If they need new plantings, EPNA has funding available through the Green Space Committee for perennial plantings. Please reach out to Rick ( or the officers ( to join!

One thought on “Green Space Committee

  1. The butterfly space at the intersection of North, and Commercial looks so good all cleaned up. Thanks to Rick I presume. Much appreciated.


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