Agenda for August EPNA Meeting on 8/6/2020

Hi neighbors –
Looking forward to seeing y’all on the first Thursday of August at 6:30, via Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent out prior to the meeting.

Here’s our Agenda:

1) Introduction & approval of July minutes 
2) Recap Coolidge Street Victory!! 
3) Eken Parked Festival update 
4) Financial Requests: 
– Update EPNA Logo to match entry signs / bumper stickers 
– Purchase of Spring Bulbs for butterfly garden, historical marker, Commercial medians
– Saving a tree in Washington Manor Park 
5) Following up on on going Business: 
– Purchase of Neighborhood Association general liability insurance 
– Bridge Painting Project 
– Black Lives Matter Letter to-dos
 6) Membership Brainstorm: 
– FYI Membership Letter going to some rental properties 
– We normally get membership renewals at the Festival.  Let’s brainstorm how to do that this year? 
– FYI: Officer elections in November – looking for candidates! 
7) Open Comments 
8) Close 

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