Help Flyering tomorrow?

Hello neighbors!

We are looking for volunteers for tomorrow (Tuesday, 8/11) to help us put fliers in mailboxes announcing “Eken Parked 2020.” The fliers also have the enrollment information to become a member of the Eken Park Neighborhood Association.

If you are able to flier one or many streets, please email Kaitlin at – she will help assign a street/area and get you fliers.

The area we need help with is outlined below:

East to West: Moland, Dahle, Coolidge, Myrtle, Mayer

Northern parts of: North, Stang, Kedzie, Pawling, North Lawn

This is a great opportunity to volunteer for the EPNA/Festival and a fun way to meet neighbors.

The task is pretty simple – walk the street and place a flier near each door (covering both sides of the street).

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