Washington Manor Picnics!

Hello Neighbors!

In response to a desire for more activity in the Washington Manor area, EPNA is going to start hosting a weekly picnic in the park! The picnic will be this Tuesday at 5pm!

This picnic is meant to be a way for us to come together, build positive relationships with each other and the park, and enjoy the last of the warm weather. We are not gathering to remove people from the park, and we are not gathering to prevent others from using the park. We are establishing a positive presence in the park in hopes that the positivity will be shared by all.

If all goes well, we expect to make this a weekly occurrence for the remainder of the fall (or until it snows on us).


This will be a socially distanced picnic. Please wear a mask if you are able. Make sure that your blankets, camping chairs, and bodies are a minimum of 6ft from people in another household than your own.

This is a picnic – not a pot luck. We will not be sharing food at this time. If you are bringing food, please keep it within your household unit. (Note: this is a great time to visit some of our local restaurants for takeout!)

This is a standing invitation. Everyone is welcome, regardless of membership status in the EPNA.

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