This Thursday – October 1st – EPNA Monthly Meeting!!

Hey neighbors –
Looking forward to meeting virtually on Thursday. 6:30 via Zoom link that will be sent out by the day of the meeting. Here are our agenda items:

1) Welcome / Approval of the minutes
2) Update: Halloween Competition with Emerson East
3) Update: Washington Manor Park weekly picnics
4) Update/reminder: Membership Drive culminates at the November Meeting. We’ll also elect officers at that meeting. You must be an active member to vote – so even more incentive to get that membership in!
5) Confirm butterfly names for new Johnson/East Washington gateway
6) Budget summary review
7) Financial request for wildflower seeds
8) Open Comments
9) Alder Abbas review city budget
10) Adjourn

Even with all those items, we keep it to one hour – so come join!

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