Name the Butterflies at the corner of Johnson & East Washington!

Hi neighbors –
We’ve gotten our new Eken Park Neighborhood sign installed at the corner of Johnson and East Washington. Butterflies will be installed soon and we’re giving them names! At the September Eken Park Neighborhood Association meeting, we came up with the following names, but we’re looking for a few more! We have 10 butterflies overall – so if you have name ideas, add them in the comments!

1) Oscar (after Oscar Mayer)
2) Ella (after Ella’s Deli)
3) Breonna (for our commitment to BLM)
4) Ole (after Ole Eken)
5) Ringling (after the circus that used to happen in our neighborhood)
6) Ray (after Ray-o-Vac – another big employer for the original neighborhood)
7) Ina (Iron Butterfly)
8) Gadda (Iron Butterfly)
9) d’Vida (Iron Butterfly)
10) ???????

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