Membership Drive winding down – Sign up now!

Hi Neighbors –
Just a reminder that our Membership Drive will be winding down in the next two weeks. Of course you can join or renew at any time – but if you do it in the next two weeks, you’ll be eligible for two drawings for gift cards from Eken Park restaurants!
Here’s the answers to a few questions that we’ve gotten:
1) You do not have to print the form. Just write the information on a piece of paper.
2) At this time we do not have Venmo, or other digital tools, set up. If you do not want to write a check – or can’t find your checkbook (which we totally relate to) – you can also provide cash.
3) Some have asked if their checks have been cashed yet? We’re in the process of doing that over the next week.

I think that’s it – if you have any other questions or ideas, please reach out!! Go Eken Park!

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