New Officers Elected for EPNA!

Voting seems to be the name of the game in November. Lucky for us – we were able to count all the votes in one day and there are clear winners with a large margin of victory! All kidding aside, each November, the EPNA elects new officers for the following year. I’m happy to announce our new Officers:
Tom Running, Co-Chair (2 year term, 2nd year starts in 2021)
Cooper Talbot, Co-Chair (2 year term, 1st year starts in 2021)
Zack Brewer, Secretary (1 year term)
Alex Swenson, Treasurer (1 year term)

This is a member run organization that is volunteer-led. We appreciate this group of people who are willing to step forward and volunteer their time to better our neighborhood.

Please join me in welcoming our new officers!!

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