Potential spoof email from EPNA

See below, EPNA received this heads-up from the City.

Tom Running, EPNA co-chair


Dear Community Leaders,

Two neighborhood associations have contacted our office requesting that we alert others about a “spam” email that was received by a resident in their neighborhood.  It is assumed that the scammer retrieved the name of the association president from the neighborhood association website and then directly sent it to a person living within the neighborhood.  The scammer cut and pasted the neighborhood association president name into the email to make it look legitimate; however, the email address was not that of the president.  The two neighborhood leaders wanted to make sure that you are of aware of it so you can act on it/inform others of this scam.   

First Email Received by Resident –

Hello Name of Neighborhood Resident,

Are you available to assist? i am out of the State now, and i’ve got credence in you to take care of this. The xxx Community Association, need some gift cards for donation to Veterans at Hospice and Palliative care units for purchase of preventive items from Corona Disease (COVID 19). I am liable for reimbursement. Need more info?

Name of Neighborhood Co-President

Xxx Community Association

Second Email Received by Resident –

From: Co-President Name Listed <producton@stylefilesystem.com>

Subject: Re: xxx Community Association

Date: December 12, 2020 at 6:19:55 AM CST

To: Name of Neighborhood Resident <email address>

Hello how are you doing today Name of Neighborhood Resident

I would have called to explain further, but i can not get good network service where i am in Hawaii. I will be back just before christmas

You are to kindly purchase Vanilla or eBay gift cards for the donation pledged to Veterans at Hospice & Palliative Care on behalf of xxx Community Association

You are to buy 5 pcs in $200 increment worth $1000 in Vanilla Visa Card gift card. You can get the cards at the grocery stores.

Name of Sender: xxx Community Association

Name of Contact Person: Schneider Sophie

Email to be delivered: schneidersophies@socialworker.net

Text Number : (706) 622-9833

You can text the director for further information

Once you get the cards you are to scan or take a clear pictures (Front and Back) of the cards and send to the email of the director above.

 The Director specifically instructed that the cards should be sent through email to keep with rule of Social distancing.

 Due to time frame, i will need it to be done today

 When you get the cards, do send me a confirmation receipt or receipt gotten from store.

 I will be liable for reimbursement, let me know if a check will be fine for reimbursement.

Best Regards

Name of Neighborhood Co-President

Xxx Community Association


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