Donate to the Eken Park Natural Play Area

In 2021 Eken Park will get new playground equipment as part of the City of Madison Parks Replacement Program. This program allows neighborhoods to contribute financially to add more playground items

Community members, in cooperation with the Madison Parks Foundation, aim to raise $8,000 to build a natural play area in addition to the playground equipment the city is providing. This would pay for logs, stumps, and boulders like these in Reger Park. The Eken Park Neighborhood Association has committed to donating $1,000 to jumpstart the project. Won’t you join in?

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Natural play area at Reger Park

Benefits of a natural play area:

  • Presents opportunities for children of all skill and activity levels
  • Encourage imaginative play through a variety of sensory stimulation
  • Allows for open-ended play and more social negotiation
  • Aids in the development of motor skills through balance, climbing different textures, and jumping

Eken Park would LOVE your help!

How to donate:

All donations to Madison Parks Foundation are tax-deductible

Questions or more info please contact: Jamie Hawkins

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