Information on the park fundraising

Eken Park Playground Project FAQs.

#1 in the list of FAQs (and the only one, so far): If the goal of the fund raiser is not met, what happens to the money donated?

Answer:  All money donated will go to the project, less some administrative/credit card fees. If the goal is not met, it just won’t be as nice.  There is a deadline of April 15th for the fund raiser so that Madison Parks Foundation can let the city parks department know how much we’ve actually raised before they put the project out for bid.

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In 2021 Eken Park will get new playground equipment as part of the City of Madison Parks Replacement Program.
This program allows neighborhoods to contribute financially to add more playground items.
Community members (in cooperation with the Madison Parks Foundation) aim to raise $8,000 to build a natural play area in addition to the playground equipment the city is providing. This would pay for logs, stumps, and boulders like these in Reger Park. The Eken Park Neighborhood Association has committed to donating $1,000 to jumpstart the project. Won’t you join in?

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