EPNA March 4, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 6:31 PM via Zoom. 

Jim W Says Learn about Medicare before you have to use it.

Welcome and introductions.

  • 11 People in attendance.

Approval of February meeting minutes

  • Motion made by Tom, seconded by Bernice, and passed without discussion to approve the meeting minutes for February.

Eken Park Playground


  • Maggie:
    • Redoing Eken Park Playground
    • Removing rubber and replacing with wood chips
    • Fundraising:
    • Installation between Aug. 1st and Oct. 1st
    • Please share

Old Equipment

  • We have the option to save the old equipment 

Eken Park Fest Update

  • Kaitlin
    • City said not to pull permits yet
    • If we pull permits now, occupancy will be limited to current COVID rules, not rules at the time of the festival
    • Jim: We don’t want to have to validate vaccinations or something similar
    • Narik: Are we planning virtual as backup
      • Kaitlin: No
      • Tom: virtual was complicated and expensive

Starkweather Creek Bridge (Zach Johnson)

  • We have a grant from City of Madison to paint a bridge
  • Bridge crosses Starkweather Creek on Commercial at McCormick
  • Hopefully happening this summer pending COVID
  • Dates:
    • Jun 5th possibly
      • Saturday after Memorial Day
      • Rain day Jun 12th
      • Zach asked if anyone had any problems with these dates
      • Jim wants to make sure there’s no conflict with other major arts events in the area

People’s Bakery

  • Provided food for first EPNA block party
    • Tom: MPD interrupted block party
  • For sale $60k

EPNA Newsletter

  • Kaitlin offered to print for low cost
  • Bernice we should distribute at public venues
    • Also free libraries
    • Ask for submissions
  • Jim leave some at libraries
    • We have done this in the past, possibly mailed
    • Ad revenue possibly
  • Zach: Some landlords will be easy to track down some nearly impossible
    • Ben Shannon may have more information about how to contact some landlords
  • Tom: Previous newsletter was called “EPNA Gazette”

Alder Updates

  • Oscar Mayer active zoning process
    • Changing zoning conditions
    • Soon this will go to planning commission
    • After approval it will go to common council
    • Hartmeyer area is controversial
      • “CN” conservation without park features
  • E Wash First St. market rate residential development
    • Advocating for affordable units
    • Currently feedback stage
  • Tom asks: Can we get a mobile vaccine clinic near Washington Manor Park?
    • Syed will check with PHMDC
      • They have tight restrictions
      • They declined a testing facility

Open Comments:

  • Joke from Jim: Priest, minister, and rabbit walk into blood bank
    • Phlebotomist asks what their blood types are
    • Rabbit says I’m probably a “type O”
  • Amani Burris
    • Running for District 12 County supervisor
    • Same Amani that ran for State Senate
    • Went to work at Senator Lena Taylors office
    • Lives in Carpenter Ridgeway
      • Lived for 2 years
      • Mom lived in area for 25 years, served community/newsletter
    • Married w/ two kids
    • https://www.amaniforwisconsin.com
    • Jim: thanks for for running
      • COVID taught us that we are all impacted
    • Used to work 60/70 hours a week organizing for Wisconsin Democratic Party
  • Maggie asked Narik about Ella’s Deli
    • Narik confirmed there is underground work going on
  • Kaitlin: asked Narik if Ella’s Deli is on E Johnson Water Main
  • Kaitlin: There was a water main break on Johnson
    • Tom: Syed is talking to Madison Water about this
  • Tom: Problem houses
    • Porchlight
    • 901 Oak St.
    • Amani thanks for bringing this to her attention
  • Zach: Might push for committee for better walking/biking infrastructure after creek project is done
    • EG pushing the city to have better crossings on E Wash, Packers, Aberg
    • “Bike Blvd.” on Hoard (similar to Mifflin)

Motion to adjourn was made by Maggie, seconded, and approved.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25 PM.

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