More good news for vaccine availability, in addition to the clinic at East Madison Community Center this Friday, there’s another one April 27th, sponsored by Operation Fresh Start, see below:

Operation Fresh Start, 2670 Milwaukee St. (right around the corner from Malt House) is having a vaccine clinic on Tue. April 27th. (Next week.)  We expect to have about 20 extra doses, and would like to offer them to our neighbors.  This will be a Phizer regimen, and the follow up clinic for the second shot will be on the 18th of May.
This clinic is open to adults and to 16 and 17 year-olds with a guardian present.  Doses will be administered between 1 PM and 6 PM.  If you are interested, call Erich at 608-444-6745.  Leave your name and number, and you will get a return call to collect any needed information, and to verify the availability of the dose.
Thank you, and please spread the word to neighbors who may be having trouble accessing a vaccine.

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