EPNA May 6, 2021 meeting minutes

Meeting called to order at 6:35 PM via Zoom. 

Welcome and introductions.

  • 12 people in attendance.

Approval of April meeting minutes

  • Meetings are recorded.
  • Some members expressed desire for information summarized in minutes and names minimized.
  • Some expressed that anything stated can be recorded.
  • Kitty moves to submit edits to the minutes to the secretary, Tom seconds. 10 in favor, 2 Opposed. Motion passed.

Alder Updates

  • Homeless shelter common council meeting
    • In 1984 we had a homeless shelter
    • Warner park shelter temporary, Syed supported
      • Avg. 90 people per night
    • Moved to 4th st. Syed supported
      • 110 people avg.
    • New proposal to build shelter on Zeier Rd. Syed voted to postpone
      • Syed is concerned about location re transportation
        • Potentially 3 hr round trip bus for some services
      • Proposed other locations
        • Pennsylvania ave. site (Hooper Corp?)
    • Contention over whether we should discuss
      • Cochair allows discussion
    • Kitty: Does not agree with Syed’s position
      • Madison is facing more homelessness due to CDC eviction ban likely lifting soon
    • Syed is open to one on one feedback on this issue


  • Pedestrian flashing yellow sign at Kedzie
  • Vaccination clinics at East Madison Community Center & Op Fresh Start
  • Earth Day: If you need to broadcast to the group, contact secretary@ekenpark.org

Eken Park Fest Update

  • Making contracts, booking bands.

ella Development

  • Contact anne@newyearinvestments.com for more information
  • There will be a mural on the wall facing East Washington
    • Got a proposal from 4 artists
    • Selected Bill Rebholz
      • Did traditional sign painting
      • Bill’s mother is a resident


  • Negotiations are ongoing between Porchlight and city

Garage/Yard Sale

  • Emmerson East coordinated last year
  • Cochairs will reach out to EENA to coordinate

Art Walk

  • Artists can display their art, possible interactive exhibits
  • Virtual planning meeting next Wed at 7pm
    • Will pick a date
  • Contact Kitty via email for Nextdoor
  • Some members don’t use Nextdoor
  • We could generate a yard sign that can be reused

Open Comments:

  • Zach J: Bridge Painting project:
    • City has approved closing down one side of the bridge
    • June 5th rain date June 12th
    • More info and fliers coming soon
    • Dane Arts Mural Arts doing the design
      • Mostly for kids
    • Painting the sides and the surface of the street
  • Friends of Starkweather creek acquired picnic benches for park near the bridge
  • Anne and the ella project have made a generous donation to the EPNA
  • Zach J would like to form a traffic/transportation committee.
  • Kitty would like to discuss traffic impacts of ella at next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 7:34 PM.

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