Revised EPNA April 1, 2021 Meeting Minutes

During the May EPNA meeting, some members expressed concern over the tone and some details of the April 1 meeting minutes. A motion was made and passed to accept suggestions for revisions and submit revised minutes for approval in the June meeting. The following are the revised April 1 meeting minutes. The original minutes will remain publicly available for comparison until the June meeting. At that meeting, if the revised minutes are approved, the original minutes will be taken down from the blog. You can also view the original minutes with revisions in-line as a Google document here. Feel free to comment on either forum or attend the June meeting to discuss.

EPNA April 1, 2021 meeting minutes

Meeting called to order at 6:33 PM via Zoom. 

Welcome and introductions.

  •  15 people in attendance.

Approval of March meeting minutes

  • Motion made by Tom, seconded by Catie, and passed to approve the meeting minutes for March.
  • Meeting minutes from March were miscategorized in the blog per Maggie.

Eken Park Playground


  • Maggie:
    • Goal is $8,000
    • Currently $4,300
  • Alex mentioned we’re still waiting on money from AmFam
    • Kaitlin said by mid April, AmFam still says processing
      • Sent screenshot to Maggie, who will show to city
  • Tom made a motion that if money is not there by the deadline, we will issue a temporary donation to cover of funds of $2,000 assuming the city will give it back
    • Seconded by Catie
    • Discussion: Alex wants to make sure there’s a way for the money to come back to EPNA
    • Passed unanimous
  • Old equipment is available as long as it is not usable
    • Maggie will inquire about what not-usable means
    • Catie mentioned that EPNA’s insurance policy might cover the sculptures being child-accesible

Eken Park Fest Update

  • Kaitlin
    • In the past, committee has asked for $2,500 to give to the city to pull permits
    • Asking for this now
    • We don’t know what the turnout will be so we might not make as much money as we usually do
    • Last year the money was given back
  • Tom
    • Major donors this year can’t support like they could before as some have been shutdown by the pandemic
  • Catie
    • Should we use our platform to ask neighborhood if they would feel comfortable coming out in August to gauge the turnout
    • Getting feedback about what would make people more comfortable
      • Kaitlin says this is a good idea
  • Kaitlin moved to request $2,500 allocated to city for permit pre-payment, Maggie seconded, unanimous approval.

Spring Cleaning Sat 4/24 10am

  • Tom
    • Last year the cleanup was a “shitshow”
    • Suggest that people use grabber and plastic bags and post on social media
  • Kitty
    • Already cleaned up area along Starkweather some
  • Kelly 
    • Taking her cart out this weekend
    • She has a grabber
    • Inquired about where we can pick up supplies
      • EPNA has some in storage unit
      • Alex suggested putting up a tent to hand out supplies
        • He will get supplies out of storage
        • Alex posted his phone number in chat, email
      • Kitty has a “palapa” (tent)
      • Near butterfly sculptures or Tip Top parking lot
  • Catie
    • City has an official spring cleaning day, we should let City know we are participating
      • This is officially called “Sucking up”
  • Zach
    • Give transient resident under the Washington Manor some space during cleanup


  • Jodi
    • Lived near Porchlight house for 15 years, it was great
      • Then there was a fire at the house and Porchlight had new policies and was under new leadership. There were also new residents.  
      • violence and drunken behavior, yelling and screaming
    • Neighborhood facing public safety issue and quality of life issues
    • Porchlight tells neighbors it is necessary to report the residents to the police
    • eighbors feel dismissed from Porchlight
    • Neighbors believe Porchlight is not providing oversight
    • A woman who lives there has a dog that barks and a man swears at her about that and has threatened the dog
    • Formerly, Porchlight had a “resident manager”  that was a liaison to the organization and was so important in keeping control – they no longer have resident manager
    • Jodi and Steve appointed by group of neighbors and alder to be liaison with Porchlight
    • Meeting tomorrow (Friday, April 2)
      • Attendees:
        • City of Madison Lawyer
        • Police Captain
        • Neighbors
        • Co-chair EPNA
        • Alder
      • Agenda:
        • Neighbors want effective oversight
        • Neighbors want a resident manager 
        • “What can the city do to help us?”
  • Tom
    • Other neighbors are concerned
    • Not just a “NIMBY”
    • Hopefully we will get some action as a result of the meeting
    • Porchlight letters were dismissive “we’re not going to do anything”
  • Zack
    • What is the specific ask to the city/police?
      • Jodi: More effective oversight
  • Catie
    • One of her friends is on the board of Porchlight
      • Catie sent a message and he responded
      • She will follow through with him

EPNA Newsletter

  • Zack doesn’t have any updates

Alder Updates

  • Syed isn’t present

   Art Walk

  • Kitty
    • Co-ordinated event where people walk around the neighborhood and see resident artists and possibly purchase it
    • Kid art stations
    • We could make a map of where things are
      • Zach/k: Google Maps for an interactive map
    • Coordinate with other Neighborhoods
      • Emerson/Darbo
    • Fund to create signs for those participating
    • Hand sanitizer stations
    • 2nd Sunday?
      • Bernice and Catie approve
  • Bernice/Catie
    • Monthly event?
  • Kaitlin
    • Has access to cheap printing
    • Are permits required to sell on your property
      • Kitty says no
  • Maggie moves to form an ad hoc committee to coordinate the art walk, Tom seconds and nominates Kitty as chair, she accepts. Unanimous approval. 

Open Comments:

  • Maggie
    • Curious about the co-chair Cooper Talbot: Whether she will be present
    • Bernice, Catie, and Kelly also have concerns
    • Alex, Zack, and Kaitlin ask for one more month before taking any further action
    • Tom says everything is fine and she will be here next month
  • Catie
    • When will the butterflies be installed?
      • Inquire with Erica?
    • Alex recently paid an invoice regarding the butterflies

Maggie makes motion to extend the meeting 10 minutes, seconded by Zack, approved.

Open Comments cont’d

  • Catie
    • How are the logos coming, to Mark
    • Mark asked about colors, should we have different color themes based on events
    • Mark will touch base with Zack regarding logos
  • Eugenia
    • Eken Park Resistance: against bedding down F-35 jets and “poisoning” water
    • CCB 12-3 this Sat meeting
      • Come and leave a glass of water on the steps of the CCB with a note describing what water means to you and 
    • Accountability is lacking in water/air pollution
    • Please spread the word and invite
    • There is criticism of F-35s over budget and safety
    • Biden has a commission looking into PFAS contamination

Motion to adjourn was made by Zach, seconded by Catie, and approved.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.

One thought on “Revised EPNA April 1, 2021 Meeting Minutes

  1. Okay, my two cents worth, now only valued at 1/2¢ because I have been absent from meetings.

    Spring Cleaning 4/24:

    What does “shitshow”mean? Poor turnout? Areas previously picked up left undone? I suggest this be revised with details. Should someone in the future wish to track our clean up efforts over time, details would help.

    Porchlight property: Porchlight itself may be underfunded, severely stressed by COVID, and simply unable to provide what the neighborhood expects.

    Jim Wold



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