EPNA June 3, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 6:35pm.

Welcome and introductions.

  • 15 people in attendance.

Approval of former meeting minutes.

  • Minutes from May approved by unanimous motion.
  • Revised minutes from April approved by unanimous motion.

Alex (Treasurer) moving to Milwaukee

  • Bylaws say officers have to live in Eken Park.
  • Until he sells his house he can stay.
  • Jim suggests waiting until next meeting before taking any action.
  • Alex willing to stay on as Treasurer.
  • Maggie: does Alex want to stay?
  • Zach: elections may require some things in person (Heritage Credit Union may require in-person account switch).
  • Alex will be in Madison once per week over the summer.

Festival Update

  • People will be able to buy beer tickets with credit card.
    • Does anyone have ipads/tablets/phones EPNA can use for Square “registers”?
    • EPNA will possibly reimburse for screen protector.
  • Fundraiser with Dexters.
    • Looking for Beanie Babies as a donation.
    • Beanie Babies to be used as bags for a bags tournament. 

Bottle Stop

  • New owner.
  • Completely renovating.
  • Some groceries at new store once open.
  • EPNA could help with any permitting issues.

Traffic Impacts of ella

  • Tabled

Art Walk Committee

  • Tabled

Bridge Painting

  • City approved all permits.
  • Not painting street surface anymore.
    • Instead painting picnic benches.
    • Also painting on fabric which will be glued to the inside of the bridge.
  • Saturday 10a-2p.
  • Asking for volunteers:
    • Supervise children
    • Get demographics on children for grant
      • Ask kids of parents
    • Photos of painting for grant
  • Cooper invited musicians to play some acoustic guitar.
    • Tips will be accepted.

Zoom Meetings

  • Keep zoom meetings but have an in person meeting occasionally.
  • Multiple members expressed interest in a hybrid meeting option.

City Budget

  • Passed this fall
  • $18m deficit
  • Should EPNA recommend where to do budget cuts?
  • Discuss w/ Syed

Open Comments

  • Make Music Madison is coming
    • 2400 block of hoard has ~5 performers
  • New Eken Park Playground Equipment
    • Bid in May
    • Planned to replace in august
  • Large item garbage pickup is changing
    • You have to sign up now online
    • You can’t leave it out without signing up
    • It has already changed
    • You could possibly sign someone else up for pickup

Alder Updates

  • Common council meeting Tuesday Zoning Amendment
    • Syed voted against it
    • Packers ave 2 story building used to be affordable housing
    • Converted to market rate
    • CCT district up to 32 units w/out input from neighborhood
    • Watch the council meeting to see 
    • Proposed to remove F-35 from ordinance, council refused
  • Oscar Meyer
    • Owner is working on south parcel
    • Market rate dense housing
  • Hooper Corp site
    • Consultant hired to appraise the property
    • Started phase 1 environmental assessment
    • Done by end of July
    • Trying to purchase to build homeless shelter

Jim moves to adjourn Zach seconded passed at 7:29pm

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