EPNA July 1, 2021 meeting minutes

Meeting called to order at 6:36pm.

Intro/ Approval of Minutes

  • 13 people in attendance.
  • Tom moves, Alex seconds, approval of June minutes passed.

Alex (Treasurer)

  • Financial update:
    • $16,000 in bank
    • Past quarter expenses
      • ~$860 Festival Insurance/Permit Fees
      • $200 Friends Starkweather Creek
    • Anticipated another $2,700 in Festival expenses
  • Tables submitted by Alex:
Q2 Transactions
FestInsurance$ (259.56)
FestPermit Fee$ (600.00)
DonationFriends of Starkweather Creek$ (200.00)
Operating ExpensesZoom fees$   (47.43)
IncomeMember Fees$ 50.00
IncomeDividend$ 0.80
checking$ 15,417.26
savings$ 827.51
total$ 16,244.77

Future transactions
Fest income$2,500
Potential fest income$2,370

Joint EENA Garage/Yard Sale Sat. 9/18

  • Tom (cochair) is coordinating with Emerson East Neighborhood for yard/garage sale in Sept.
    • EENA may have a website
  • Eken Park Yard sale happened in June


  • Sculptures left by previous home owner
  • Donated to EPNA
  • Should we display near the Eken Park sign
  • One looks like a fish
  • One looks like a weathervane
  • Catie will follow up with more info
  • Photos of the sculpture below:

Art Walk Committee (Tabled from June)

  • Committee chair postponing indefinitely.

Traffic Impacts of ella (Tabled from June)

  • Interested parties not present.
  • What streets would the driveways exit?
    • We have plans available showing this.
  • There may have been a traffic report publicly available.
  • Currently, “No Parking” signs posted on North Lawn near E Wash.
  • Tom will contact Anne about future traffic plans.
  • Further tabled until Aug.

Festival Updates

  • Fundraiser
    • Sat 7/17 2pm, rain date Sun 7/18
    • Still need one more cornhole board
    • Bean bag tournament (cornhole)
    • Will be tossing beanie babies instead of bean bags
    • $15 Entry per team
    • Outdoor event
  • Everything on track
  • Applying for beer license
  • Food vendors booked
    • New vendor located in Eken Park
    • At capacity for vendors
  • Donations going well
  • Donors:
    • ella (Anne Morrison) large donor
    • Heritage Credit Union was historically a large donor but haven’t responded
      • Responded during meeting and has pledged a donation
    • A1
    • Liz Lauer
    • Dexter’s Pub
  • No raffle this year
  • Accepting credit cards
  • In 2019 $7k in beer sales
  • Possibly using tickets for soda
  • No water wagon this year (city is not doing water wagons this year)
    • Vendors must bring water/soda
  • Need to borrow tablet
    • Can’t be leased
    • Could use cellphones if necessary

Alder Updates

  • Tabled, Syed not present

Open Comments

  • Kelly concerned that sign on Commercial and North is obscured by vegetation
    • Wants plants transplanted
    • Green committee should oversee
  • Jenny encourages a membership drive, suggests squarespace
    • Flier for festival includes information on how to join
    • Attendees will be able to sign up at the festival
  • There will be a children’s parade at the festival
  • Catie:
    • When and how do we promote the festival
      • Event for fundraiser on festival
      • Please share on social media
    • When and how do we recruit volunteers
      • Previously we started a month before the festival
      • Maybe we should start earlier
    • Do we have new logos from Mark
  • Is there a Nextdoor EPNA page
  • Tom how do we increase blog subscription
  • Jim volunteers to take up treasurer duties
  • Catie wants Treasurer to be present on day of festival
  • Susan wants a licensed bartender
    • Cooper (co-chair) is a licensed bartender


  • Jim moves and Kelly seconds, meeting adjourned at 7:32pm

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