EPNA August 5, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Intro/ Approval of Minutes

  • Meeting called to order at 6:34pm
  • Jim was formerly known as “The General”
  • Motion made by Kelly seconded by Catie, approved minutes from July meeting.

Website Update

  • Blog changed to look more like the website.
  • Domain changed to “blog.ekenpark.org”
  • More email subscribers.
  • Jenny didn’t notice changes until pointed out.
  • Jim mentioned that the site describes our meeting place as Bashford church, however, we are meeting via zoom currently.

Treasurer Update

  • Financial update tabled, treasurer not present.
  • Alex will be moving out of the neighborhood.
  • Jim volunteers to be interim treasurer.


  • Treasurer will almost certainly open at the end of the year.
  • Tom’s co-chair position will be up for re-election.

Bike Week

  • A celebration of biking to work.
    •  https://www.madisonbikes.org/events/bikeweek/
    • There are a lot of events and booths along well trafficked commuter bike routes.
    • Booths generally have freebies to hand out.
      • Some of the booths have booze (usually in the afternoon).
  • Earlyish September (9/12 – 9/18)
  • Previously we had a stand near Starkweather creek path with coffee and doughnuts.
  • If the neighborhood association wants, Zach will orchestrate the stand again.
  • Jim moves that EPNA donates $100 to support for bike week as explained by Zach for snacks etc. to be distributed to bike riders.
    • Katilin seconds
    • Apparently unanimous, passed.

Festival Updates

  • 48 volunteers so far.
    • More volunteers needed.
    • Volunteer signup is on the website.
    • Peggy notified the EP Condo Association of volunteer opportunities
    • Help needed distributing fliers, especially Myrtle, Coolidge, Hoard, and North.
    • Volunteers need to show proof of vaccine (picture of card is acceptable).
  • EP Condo Association donated the use of their dumpster.
  • Vaccine clinic via PHMDC.
  • Catie making signs for the festival.
  • Using “Square” service, free tier.
    • There is a hardware register (POS) that we can purchase.
    •  $50/ea. 
  • Jim moves that EPNA authorize funding for up to 3 Square POS machines in addition to expedited shipping if necessary.
    • Discussion:
      • Peggy wants to be sure they will not be obsolete soon
        • They should last several years.
      • 2.7% transaction fee.
      • EPNA signup table will have a POS.
    • Zack seconds
    • Passed, apparently unanimous.

Greenspace Committee (Butterfly Garden)

  • Maggie reached out to Greenspace committee (GSC) chair, Rick, he doesn’t want to remove the plants that are blocking the butterfly sculptures due to the fact that they are being used by pollinators.
  • Plants are mostly bee balm, used by Monarchs and bees.
  • Catie has invited the monarchs to her house.
  • The sign being visible during the NA is important to many members
    • Maggie will communicate that back to the GSC chair again and inform the officers.
  • Bernice was planning on weeding median at North and Commercial 
  • Informal vote taken by Co-chair to clean up the sign, apparently unanimous in favor.

Alder Updates

  • Homeless shelter.
    • Closed session upcoming regarding new homeless shelter.
    • 3 out of 4 locations are within 3-5 miles of downtown.
    • Staff wanted 2 recommendations from Alders.
    • Jim asked about a particular plan to develop a farm.
      • Workgroup on Environmental Justice is not approving any new construction within 65 decibel line of F-35 environmental impact study.
  • Looking into creating PFAS regulation.
  • Racial equity in budget.
    • Needs to be more participatory.
  • Body-worn cameras.
    • Syed will post on his blog.

Open Comments

  • Ken: Bernice has a mobile of photos of her grandchildren.
  • Eken Park Playground contract awarded, Sept 6th start.


  • Motion made, seconded and approved to adjourn at 7:32pm.

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