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Hi everybody.  
In this redistricting battle, there is an unusual opportunity to make your voice heard.  Robin Vos, surprisingly, has put up a website where citizens can submit their own redistricting maps.  In an effort to let the State Legislature know that we are watching, and that we are aware of the tools we have, I did the following:
I uploaded an Assembly district map (#1 or #3; I can’t remember) from People’s Map Commision (the one commissioned by Gov. Ever’s to draw fair maps), and I adjusted a couple things to keep Eken Park within one voting district instead of split into two.  Regardless of the merits of the change, it gave me a reason to throw a voice at this chance to be heard.  There is a comment section to use when you submit a map.  I said something to the effect of how this map making tool (Districtr) makes it sooo easy to make fair and balanced districts, and how the ‘wiki’ approach feels like true democracy…  You get the idea.  Just to say, “Hey, you have no excuse for creating unfair districts.”
I have attached the file I submitted.  Please save some time and use this one or build your own.  But get those comments in!   Please send it with a loud voice.
Here is the link to Vos’s web site:
The PMC is also still accepting public feedback (just for a few more days):
Here is the link to the map I submitted, if you would like to view it.


Also, Alder Syed Abbas is asking for comments on the council boundary redistricting proposals. See the latest, and send in comments, from his blog, at the following:

One thought on “Comments to our representatives

  1. Trying again to leave a comment. This is not my area of expertise and am overwhelmed with this process. I believe a non partisan group of experts should be able to come to a consensus on where these districts should be. thank you


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