EPNA October 7, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Intro/ Approval of Minutes

  • Called to order at 6:32pm
  • 11 people in attendance at start, 12 overall.
  • Motion made by Maggie and seconded to approve Sept. Minutes, approved apparently unanimously.

Transportation Committee

  • Biking/walking/bussing safety.
  • EG. Advocate for Hoard into standard bike blvd. (connects two bike paths)
  • Transport committee would host bike week
  • Standing committee
  • Comments
    • Can Zach J be chair?
      • Yes
    • Do we create a committee charge?
      • No
    • Syed says the city process for a bike blvd. could take years
      • Oscar Meyer project needs biking/ped advocacy
  • Zach moves to form a transportation committee that will advocate for pedestrian, bicycle and bus safety.
    • Tom seconded
    • Approved unanimously
  • Email Zach J if you would like to help with the transport committee

Alder Updates

Committee Review

  • Tabled

Erica Butterflies Payment

  • Ben made an agreement with Erica to finish the butterflies before $4,000 payment
  • Erica’s husband recently passed away
  • Tom moves to pay $4,000 to Erica before she finishes, then pay the full balance once she is done
    • Jim seconds
    • Some financial details of Erica’s deal were discussed
    • Erich mentioned that there are many butterflies in Erica’s shop waiting to be installed and expressed support for Erica’s character.
    • Passed unanimously

Treasurer Report

  • Treasurer has membership forms from August 2021. Treasurer has to record them into the member roster. By laws do not address terms / duration of membership. *
  • When does their membership begin and when does it end? State month AND year. *
    • Payment after April is membership for the following year
  • We have a bank balance of some $23,000. We have outstanding checks from the festival for $883. *
  • We have a future liability of $7,000. That leaves $15,000. *
  • We should hold a balance of some $11,000 to $12,000 in case a future festival goes completely bust. *
  • Do we want to do something with the nominal balance of $3,000 to $4,000? *
    • Erich mentioned the idea of issuing vouchers to neighborhood people for labor as a donation that can be exchanged for cash.

Festival Volunteer Party

  • Tabled

Bike Week Recap

  • Tabled

E Johnson Water Main

  • Water main being replaced, water hoses running to houses temporarily, street is closed between N Lawn and North

Open Comments

  • Jody, a long time friend to EPNA passed recently.
    • Tom moves to donate $100 to Jody’s wife, Veronica, Jim seconds
      • Passed: 7 ayes to 4 nays
        • This was superceded by the motion below made by Zach J
      • Two members voiced their concerns with the donation but expressed sympathies with memorializing Jody’s passing.
        • It possibly violates the bylaws of the organization.
      • Treasurer expressed that we have a budget surplus.
      • A member asked if Veronica needs monetary assistance specifically
        • Can EPNA set up a way to channel personal donations to Veronica?
    • Zach J moves to supercede the previous motion to set up a donation drive and rather than donate $100, instead to offer to match up to $100 of the individual donations gathered in the drive
      • Seconded by Tom 8 times
      • Passed 10 ayes to 1 nay
  • Officer Elections are next month
    • Tom nominates Charlie McNulty as co-chair for next month’s elections
    • Members need to be paid in full to vote
  • Republican party has asked for public comment re: redistricting
  • Eken park playground update
    • Contractor is running behind but still planning on finishing this year


  • Bernice moves to adjourn
  • Jim seconded
  • Unanimously approved at 7:31pm

* Taken from zoom chat

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