How to participate in the new Transportation Committee

Hello Eken Park!

The neighborhood association is starting a transportation committee to tackle issues related to pedestrian, bike, bus safety in the neighborhood.

Our first official meeting will be on Dec 9th at 6:30 online. For now, we will plan on meeting every other month the week after the regular EPNA Monthly meeting (every other second Thursday). The schedule can always be adjusted if needed.

Committee members can expect to work on future projects like:

  • Lobbying the city to add or update bike/ped infrastructure when redoing neighborhood streets
  • Reviewing city/county/state transportation and neighborhood plans and providing feedback on behalf of EPNA
  • Putting on fun events to encourage folks in the neighborhood to get out like our recent Bike Week Commuter Station

If you are interested in helping out with the transportation committee, email for some more information.

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