EPNA November 4, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Intro/ Approval of Minutes

  • Called to order at 6:35p.
  • 10 people in attendance.
  • Motion made by Tom and seconded to approve Oct. Minutes, approved apparently unanimously.

Co-chair and Officer Elections.

  • Tom gave a speech.
  • Charlie gave a speech.
    • Wants to continue 501c3 effort
    • Respects meeting schedule
    • Wants to coordinate with PTA(s) of Emerson, Sherman, East (High)
  • Tom: if positions are uncontested we can vote by a show of hands.
    • Candidates are:
      • Charles McNulty for Co-chair
      • Zack Brewer for Secretary
      • Jim Wold for Treasurer
    • Candidates elected unanimously by a show of hands.

Committee Review

  • Bernice, who requested this agenda item, was not able to be present.
  • Chair of the Festival Committee, Kaitlin Sonsalla, is also not present.
  • Member asked if committee chairs are appointed for life or if there is a term?
    • Particularly the Greenspace potentially needs a new chair as he is often absent from meetings.
    • Secretary to reach out to Rick via email and attempt to schedule regular meetings.
  • Zach Johnson
    • Transportation Committee meeting 12/9

Treasurer Report

  • Cooper: do we have any planned fundraising?
    • Tom: Dexter’s historically has had great fundraisers for EPNA. Tom has volunteered to contact Dexter’s owner for future opportunities.
  • Jim asks why raise more money if we have approximately what we currently need.
    • A member suggested that we generally make donations near the end of the year to various neighborhood organizations so can increase these if we have a surplus.
    • Tom mentioned we could fund Erick’s voucher system (see previous minutes)

As of November 1, 2021 EPNA has $19,286.84 in checking.

We have two outstanding checks, $700 payable to City Treasurer for the Fest Beer Permit.

I just emailed City Finance Dept. about that check….did they get it. I got a reply from them, yes, they did get our check, it is still being “processed”.
$100 payable to Veronika Werzinske, widow of former co-chair Jody Werzinske.

We have one outstanding liability, of $3090, to Erika when she finishes installing the remaining 3 butterflies.

I found the EPNA account on PayPal.  I verified paid memberships, from PayPal back through July 1, 2021.

Taken from Zoom chat

Open Comments

  • Charlie: only 3 days to order home-made Baklava from our Greek Orthodox neighbors
  • Cooper congratulates newly elected officers.
  • Zach: Usually we have an in person social meeting at Dexter’s after December meeting, should we meet in person again?
    • Most seem comfortable with meeting in person.


  • Jim moves to adjourn, seconded, approved unanimously, meeting adjourned at 7:24pm.

* Taken from zoom chat

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