EPNA December 2, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Intro/ Approval of Minutes

  • Called to order at 6:32p.
  • 15 people in attendance.
  • Motion made by Cooper and seconded by Charlie to approve Nov. Minutes, approved apparently unanimously.

Co-chair Check-in

  • Charlie McNulty is new co-chair.

Committee Review

  • How can we help to be more transparent and communicative with committees?
  • A Member wants a thorough review of committees.
  • Possibly ask for written reports from committee chairs.
  • We don’t want to discourage members from contributing.
  • Co-chairs should come back with a plan at the next meeting.
  • A member asks that committee chairs update the officers or member once monthly in person or in writing.

Treasurer Report

*Treasurer Report.

Period ending December 2, 2021

Current bank balance is $18,345.03

All checks are cleared, none outstanding.

One pending liability of $3090 when the remaining three butterflies are installed  at E.Wash and E Johnson.

We want to keep a balance of  $12,000 or so always on hand. The total costs for the 2021 Festival ran $11,300.  So keep $12,000 on hand just in case the festival is rained out and nobody attends and buys beer.

End report.

Open Comments

  • Syed Alder update:
    • BRT (Bus rapid transit) has access and equity issues.
    • A member mentioned that they will not walk far from home when it’s dark out.
    • Syed will post on his Alder blog about this early in January.
    • White building across from Tip Top has been purchased and will be converted to a brewery.
  • Tom volunteers to be part of a committee to move EPNA to a 501c3 org.
  • Jim: Bylaws don’t clarify what a term of membership is.
    • It can be difficult to remember when to pay membership dues.


  • Jim moves to adjourn, seconded by Catie, approved unanimously, meeting adjourned at 7:02pm.

* Taken from zoom chat

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