January 6 Meeting Minutes

Intro/ Approval of Minutes

  • Called to order at 6:32pm.
  • 13 people in attendance.
  • Motion to approve Dec minutes tabled until Feb meeting due to delay in publishing.

Treasurer Report

*Treasury Report

January 1, 2022


EKEN PARK  Neighborhood Association.

Current Balance: $18,330.21

And our checkbook is balanced at $18,330.21

We have one outstanding liability for $3090. That is due to Ericka Koivunen when she finishes installing the remaining three butterflies at  the Johnson and E. Washington neighborhood gateway.

We need to hold a balance of some $12,000.  The 2021 festival cost us well over $11,000 to conduct.  We need to carry the $12,000 in the event that we put on a festival and it gets rained out and no body(sic) comes and buys beer to generate revenue.  

So….. $18,000 minus $3000 equals $15,000.  $15,000 minus $12,000 leaves us about $3,000 to “do something” with.

In past years we have donated a small sum ($200 – $300) every winter to a local entity which serves Eken Park.

Committee Updates

  • If any members know of committees that are not listed below, please contact EPNA or mention in open comments.
  • List of standing committees:
    • Transportation:
      • Chair currently “out of continent (OOC)” but will be communicative with officers going forward
    • Gateway
      • Cooper recently attempted to contact Chair.
      • Due to dissolve after most recent project.
    • Greenspace:
      • Chair responded right away and will continue as chair.
      • Not much to report until March but Chair pledged to be communicative.
      • Invited to Feb meeting.
    • Festival:
      • Chair will continue and is communicative.
  • Member asked about greenspace committee being subsumed by gateway committee. 
  • Member asked if there are term limits for committee chairs or members, is there a mechanism for removing chairs or members, and are there requirements for communication?
    • This is why co-chairs reached out to committee chairs.
    • Charlie:
      • We should have policies as opposed to bylaws.
      • Committees should be self-organizing, so should decide when founded what the answers to the above questions should be.
    • Jim:
      • Did not collide with Erica, but she reported that she was working on the butterflies.

Process for Giving out Donations

  • What should the process be?
  • Member stated:
    • Some other NAs have process that we should look into copying.
    • Giving money should be an investment in the neighborhood.
  • Another member expressed support for a formal process.
  • Member expressed support for
    • $300 to Bashford Church
    • $300 to “Girls Rock Camp” to sponsor a girl from the neighborhood
    • $500 to water filling station
  • Erick reiterated his idea about funding a voucher program. Members expressed support for this, possibly forming a committee.

ByLaws Amendment

  • Tabled until next meeting.

Alder Updates

  • 1/13 traffic meeting
    • Accident happened
  • Dispute over Oscar Meyer plan regarding wetland
    • Property owner wants to change zoning of wetland to commercial
  • 1/19 meeting regarding North Street and commercial vacant property
    • Beer garden
  • 1/26 meeting
    • E Wash and Fair Oaks
    • 250 unit affordable housing
    • Concerns about building in F-35 65db zone
  • Meeting in february
    • Development across from 4 Seasons Car Wash
    • Concerns of developing in F-35 65db zone
  • Loss of connections on north side in new BRT plan
    • BRT coming in 2025

Open Comments

  • None


  • Cooper moves to adjourn, seconded by Jim, approved unanimously, meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.

* Taken from zoom chat

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