February 3 Meeting Minutes

Intro/Approval of Minutes

  • Meeting called to order at 6:35pm with 15 people in attendance.
  • Kaitlin moves to approve Dec minutes, Tom 2nds, passed unanimous.
  • Jim moves to approve Jan minutes, Bernice 2nds, passed unanimous.

Treasurer Report

EKEN PARK Neighborhood Association.
Current Balance: $18,168.50

Withhold $12,800 to cover costs of a rained out Festival.*
Withhold $3090, pending payment to Ericka for installing the remaining three butterflies at our Johnson St. gateway entrance.

Placeholder amount, this may be reduced.
= $2278 remaining balance.

Credit Card

  • Treasurer is concerned about using debit card because it doesn’t have the same fraud protections as a credit card.
  • Should we apply for a credit card from Heritage Credit Union?
    • HCU claims we can have our balance reimbursed in the case of fraud.
    • A member voices approval as long as we pay it off monthly and there are no fees.
    • Co-chair asks if there are fees with HCU CC?
      • No annual fees
    • *HCU is merging with another credit union soon. Will their stance change when this is completed?
      • No, their stance will not change.  If anything the new CU has more technology power to do the investigations quicker.
  • Can we turn on auto-pay?
  • Motion made by Zach Johnson to empower officers to make decision about credit card, 2nd by Bernice. Passed unanimously.


  • Cochair: 
    • Is there urgency on any donations brought to our attention?
    • Are we identifying possible donations transparently and fairly?
    • Officers looked at SASY’s grant system.
      • SASY has a board of trustees and adopts grants.
      • Has formal application process.
    • Establish an ad hoc committee for recommending to the EPNA how we solicit and approve donations.
  • A member stated we have a shitton of money, so we should donate to 
    • Bashford food pantry
    • Eastside community center
    • Girls Rock camp
    • Emmerson Water Fountain
  • A member expressed support for the ad hoc committee and volunteered to lead.
  • Motion to form an ad hoc committee to recommend a process (or lack thereof) for soliciting and approving donations by Charlie, 2nd by Zack B, approved unanimously.
  • A member stated that we should attempt to solicit as much input from the community about this process
  • Motion by Jim to donated $300 to Bashford food pantry, 2nd by Charlie M.
    • Discussion: Tom is in favor and withdraws the rest of his suggestions on donations.
    • Motion passed with 14 in favor, 1 opposed.

ByLaws Amendment

  • Referred to subsequent meeting. There will be another amendment published via the blog before then.

Alder Updates

  • Alder not in attendance.

Open Comments

  • Tom R:
    • 501c3 is good for fundraising and for the festival.
    • Emmerson East NA website has some information about merging with EPNA.
  • *Very concerned about bus line changes please take time to review the changes and provide feedback to the city.
  • Jeff S: Small rain garden in Wash Manor park could use some beautifying. Requesting funds for 2 plant kits, 64 plants, for $144. Deadline is March 15th.
    • Jim moves to authorize EPNA to give $144 funds to Jeff Steele for the purpose of buying plants, 2nd Tom.
      • Discussion:
        • Sounds like greenspace committee activity.
        • In the future maybe this should come from a greenspace committee budget.
        • Jeff will reach out to Rick to make him aware of this.
      • Approved unanimously.
  • Zach J: McCormick garden needs tools.
    • Get list of tools, ask neighborhood for tool donations, allocate funds for remaining needed tools.
  • Jim W: Is perceived lack of police enforcement regarding traffic and shootings an issue with EPNA?
    • Zach: Transportation committee is discussing traffic enforcement


  • Kelly moves to adjourn, 2nd Tom, adjourned at 7:29pm.

*Taken from Zoom Chat

Motions in bold.

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