March 3 Meeting Minutes

Introductions/Approval of minutes

  • 14 people in attendance, meeting called to order at 6:36pm.
  • “Apparently” should be removed from vote tallies and not used going forward. Charlie moves to approve February minutes with the aforementioned amendments, Bernice 2nds, passed unanimously.

Treasurer Report




Bank balance $17,228.12

Checkbook balanced $16,648.12

Suggested allocations,

Festival reserve amount $ 6,884

Balance due on gateway Butterflies $3,090

Remaining amount $6,674.

N.B. We have begun spending for the 2022 Festival. Some $1116 at the moment.  So, I am deducting current Festival spending from the “Festival Reserve Amount”.  I had originally proposed a “Festival Reserve Amount” of $12,800, based upon the spending in 2021. That was mostly a placeholder amount.

I did some arithmetic exercises based upon what would we pay if: (numbers are rounded off)

We cancelled the Festival at the last minute?   Answer: ≈ $5800

We held the Festival but it was partially rained out with poor attendance and beer sales.

Case A) We would pay $10,300 but earn only $4,300 profit.

Case B) We would pay $ 9,850 but earn only $2,400 profit.

Based upon those exercises I am recommending we hold an initial “Festival Reserve Amount” of $8,000 instead of the initial $12,800.  I am deducting current Festival spending from that $8,000.


  • Sometimes when EPNA does a “big project” it has to pay out cash and wait for reimbursement.  If we donate all of our surplus how will we pay up front for “big projects”?


We do NOT have an Eken Park NA Credit Card.  Because Heritage CU, where we bank, does not issue “business credit cards”.  


2022 Festival spending has begun

– $516 deposit for tent/stage

– $600 fees paid.

  • Advance spending may hit $2000 or so. (in 2021 it was $2011)


Should EPNA purchase liability insurance coverage?

current offer: $400 premium, buys one year of 1 million per incident / 2 million total coverage. 

Also an offer to buy additional Director /Officer coverage rider. Premium and coverage, other details, unknown.


EPNA Operations Issue.

We do not have a clerk, or paid staff.

I have been treasurer for about 6 months and have encountered several items.

– Annual renewal of our PO Box rent

– Annual filing of annual report to WI Dept of Financial Affairs. (may be required if we are to hold the Festival)

– Annual purchase of liability insurance. Suggested $400, maybe more. 

I had no advance warning of these and was left unprepared to respond in a fully satisfactory manner. N.B. we are currently uninsured. That may mean that officers are personally liable.

Free advice about how to redress this operating deficiency is appreciated and should be written down and e mailed to

  • Questions:
    • Before the festival happens, we need to cup whether the general insurance covers the festival. Zach J says they are separate.
      • In the past EPNA has had insurance off and on. This is necessary to get grants from the city and also covers us for general liability.
  • We had a resolution in the past to acquire insurance.
  • Tom mentioned costs look lower for festival this year.
  • Jim will go ahead and approve insurance after conferring with other officers.
  • Loop Zach J in re festival insurance as well.

Giving Committee Update

From committee chair by email:

– We met last month to discuss the scope of what we’re doing and what we have been charged with. 

– We are very clear that we’re an AdHoc committee created to design the giving process.  Once established, we’ll dissolve and a new standing committee will need to be created to execute the process. 

– As of now, we’ve established a very high-level process of key steps that will be involved. 

– We’ll use the month of March to flesh out that process and add more detail.  

– Looking forward to sharing with you at the April EPNA meeting

I think that’s it.  Bernice or Jim are more than able to give the update. 

Thanks for understanding! 


  • Is this committee addressing fundraising as well as spending?
    • It is not, however, the standing committee could have that function.
  • The ad hoc committee will not decide where money is going, rather it will suggest a process for deciding where donations go and possibly for a standing committee to facilitate that process.
  • The Festival Committee needs help fundraising, their job is to acquire “shitters”, not raise funds. We should have fundraising on the agenda for the next meeting.

Transportation Committee update

  • May not be advocating for Hoard St. to become a “bike blvd.”
  • Making East Washington easier to cross by pedestrians is also a high priority.
  • Vision Zero: city has plan to reduce traffic fatalities to 0 by 2030
    • Most traffic fatalities are on E Wash so it would be easier to advocate for changes there.
  • Speed bumps on Hoard.

Paypal Button

  • New page on website will give a subscription option.

Alder Updates

  • Syed not in attendance.

Open comments

  • Should we meet in person?
    • Charlie will look into Bashford.
  • Emmerson Merger:
    • Charlie has looked into it, does not see any specific reason to merge.
  • City is revisiting “Streatery”, local business owner has concerns, city will meet regarding the plan March 15th.
  • Madison Little League may be zoned 
    • Zach J moves to draft a statement recommending the city of madison and common council that the area known as “little league field”, aka 1010 North St. be zoned Recreational and Parks (PR) use rather than residential as part of the Oscar Meyer Plan.
      • Kelly Campbell 2nds.
      • Is it leased by “East Madison Little League”? Do they have a position on the zoning?
      • Motion passed unanimously.

Jim moves to adjourn 2nd by Kelly, adjourned at 7:29pm

One thought on “March 3 Meeting Minutes

  1. Hey everyone. Zach is unable to post the ZOOM meeting Invite. Neither can Charlie, or I. So it’s possible this monthly meeting will not occur on Zoom. There will be an unperson meeting at Bashford Church at 6:30 p.m. BRING A MASK if you attend. Jim wold



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