April 7 Meeting Minutes

Introductions/Approval of minutes

  • Meeting called to order at 6:35 with 13 people in attendance.
  • Jim moves, Catie 2nds to approve March minutes, approved unanimously.

Treasurer Report

*Treasury Report

April 1, 2022


EKEN PARK  Neighborhood Association.

Current Balance: $16,613.18

And our checkbook is balanced at $16,613.18


  • minus $3090 Pending Liability-Butterflies from Erika.
  • minus $ 6884 Festival Rainout Fund balance

equals = $6639. (rounded off) REMAINING BALANCE.

Now, it gets a little interesting.  We have several spending categories which can be flexible in timing and or dollar amount.

For example:

  • $1016 Nominal annual operating expenses.  This amount is paid over the cost of the year. So we don’t necessarily need to hold this amount out all at once right now.
  • $515 PLUS unknown sum. Customary support expenditures by EPNA

This represents Bashford Food Pantry donation and spending on some plantings within the last six months. Other amounts which might be included would be East Side Center Tom’s Ping Pong. Operation Fresh Start.  Membership drive expenses if we have one. Spring cleanup expenses. Trash bags, coffee treats for after work party.  [ Coming up this month?? ]

  • $ To Be Determined. $4000 placeholder only amount.  Pre paid Neighborhood Projects. 
  • Example, we installed a plaque, we have installed benches.  This usually requires we pay our money up front then get reimbursed by the city.  Do we want to set aside a meaningful sum for such things even though we do not have any project in mind right now?

So if I start deducting some of these flexible spending amounts our REMAINING BALANCE will vary wildly.  So the EPNA membership needs to weigh in on this topic.  

I have no formal resolution at this time, I m trying to:

Organize our finances a little better than currently, 

Alert all of you to “our money” and the demands it will face. 

Giving Committee Update

  • Looking for feedback.
  • Advertisement, application, and membership voting.
  • Organization or individual receiving funds does not need to be located in Eken Park.

Transportation Committee Update

  • Chair not present.

EMLL Field Statement

  • Zoning was approved.

EPNA Fest Budget

  • There is a giving document. Mark Fitzgerald generously contributed artwork.
    • Please help reach out to local businesses for possible donations.
    • There is a good list of past donors.
    • Anne Morrison (ella development) has given generously to the festival.
  • Is there someone keeping track of who has been asked?
    • Charlie will maintain a list of people who’ve been asked.
  • Kaitlyn has some standard verbiage for asking for donations.
  • Email and Facebook messenger work well for soliciting.
  • Charlie proposes we assign a budget to the EPNA Fest Committee for next year.
    • Expenditures still approved by Treasurer.
    • $6,884

Alder Updates

  • 250 unit housing at commercial near Bimbo factory.
    • F-35s sound level makes construction budget for this development higher.
  • 550 unit near Heartmeyer land.
    • Nearing compromise to preserve some greenspace.
  • Common Council Transit Network redesign.
    • Some changes cut off North side neighbors
    • Route 17 disproportionately affects neighbors who do not own transit and worsen food desert.
  • Police Body cameras are under review 4/19 common council meeting.
    • Pilot project for 3 months to collect data.
  • Questions
    • CAREs program has been an overwhelming success
    • 550 unit Heartmeyer: will we lose part of the 16 acre preservation
      • It is complex: there will be an impact.
      • Possibly 15 acres but more greenspace as part of development.
    • Member expresses appreciation for Syed’s work.
  • Syed expressed support for BRT but does not want some routes eliminated, EG route 14 on the South Side.
  • Zoning for EMLL to be park approved.

Open comments

Jim moves to extend meeting by 10 minutes for Anne’s update, unanimously approved.

  • Anne Morrison
    • Ella development
      • Mural will be started around 18th of April.
      • Move in starts June 1st.
      • About 50% leased so far.
      • Retail tenant has been a challenge largely due to labor shortage.
        • Possible non-profit retail tenant.
      • Tour is possible, who to invite?
      • Anne has been in touch with Greenspace committee regarding donating and installing plants near butterfly garden.
        • We’re still waiting on 3 more butterflies so need to coordinate with Erica before adding more plants.
          • Bases for butterflies are already in the ground.
      • Rent for units posted on website, but lower income units are not listed.
  • Emmerson East is doing their June yardsale 1st weekend in June.
    • They will advertise any address at $5 fee if you are a member of EPNA, $10 if not.
    • Send listing to Secretary of EENA by mid May.
  • Spring cleaning set for 4/23 informally.
    • We have some bags in festival storage.
    • By butterfly garden near tip top.

*Taken from Zoom chat

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