May 5 Meeting Minutes

Introductions/Approval of minutes

  • Meeting called to order at 6:34pm with 13 people in attendance.
  • In April Minutes 3 more butterflies, not 2.
    • Cooper moves to approve April Minutes with above amendment, Kelly 2nds, approved unanimously.

Treasurer Report

  • Former officers are still authorized on Heritage Credit Union Account.
    • Jim thinks we should have at least two people on the account.
    • Charlie McNulty moves to remove former officers from authorized persons on EPNA’s Heritage Credit Union’s account, (Catie Shannon and Erich Eifler) and add current CoChairs (Cooper Talbot and Charles McNulty), Jim Wold seconds, unanimously approved.

Treasurer Report

We now have General Liability Insurance coverage for EPNA, effective May 1.  Cost is $400 a year.  I’m waiting on the bill. 

May 1, 2022


Eken Park  Neighborhood Association.

Current Balance: $16,597.37

And our checkbook is balanced at $16,597.37


$3090 Pending Liability-Butterflies from Erika.

$6884 Festival Rainout Fund balance

= $6623 (rounded off) REMAINING BALANCE.

Pending categories which can be flexible in timing and or dollar amount.

 $1016 Nominal annual operating expenses.  This amount is paid over the course of the year.

 Customary Support Expenditures by EPNA.

This represents Bashford Food Pantry donation and spending on some plantings within the last six months. Other amounts which might be included would be East Side Center Tom’s Ping Pong. Operation Fresh Start.  Membership drive expenses if we have one. Spring cleanup expenses. Trash bags, coffee treats for after work party.

 To Be Determined. $4000 placeholder only amount.  Pre paid Neighborhood Projects. 

This usually requires we pay our money up front then get reimbursed by the city.  Do we want to set aside a meaningful sum for such things even though we do not have any project in mind right now?

So if I start deducting some of these flexible spending amounts our REMAINING BALANCE will vary wildly.  So the EPNA membership needs to weigh in on both of these topics.  

I have no formal resolution about this at this time, I m trying to:

Organize our finances a little better and alert all of you to “our money” and the demands it might face.

Jim, from zoom chat

Emerson East Neighborhood Association Merger

  • EENA’s rationale
    • Both neighborhoods are small
    • EENA has a hard time recruiting and retaining membership
    • Have shared interests
  • Discussion
    • A member expresses support for the idea of a merger due to having more people involved.
    • A member expressed concern that if EENA has trouble with membership, will EPNA take on more administrative burden.
    • A member agreed with both of the above.
      • It may be possible for them to reduce their overhead by merging but we should not take it on if it is the cause.
      • We should come up with some rules of engagement ahead of time before the negotiations.
    • Treasurer would like to review their financial statements.
      • Concerned about resentment from them if we make decisions on their behalf.
      • Should we create a committee to negotiate

Giving Committee Feedback

  • No update currently.

Festival Update

  • Chair not present.
  • Festival is going along really well.
  • Beanie Babyhole (Cornhole) June 25th in Dexter’s parking lot.

Festival Donation Update

Alder Updates

  • BRT end of this month final input
    • Last meeting after this month
    • Common Council in June
  • Construction at Bimbo Bakery Site
  • 540 unit affordable housing project proposed near Heartmeyer
  • Shopko drive will be connected to Pankratz
  • Syed may be running for State Assembly
    • Would try to mobilize and involve immigrant communities.

Open comments

  • Does Syed have feedback on merger?
    • EENA will have more development projects, so we will be better represented in those projects.
    • How do ensure that EE don’t have the perception the EP is making decisions about EE developments.
    • We generate a lot of revenue with EP Fest, so the merger should reflect this equitably.
  • Tom thinks we have all 9 butterflies, however he is counting the butterflies at Commercial and North.
    • Catie recalls that the agreement was 9 at the intersection of E Wash and E Johnson.
    • Maybe we should reach out via Erich to Erica to see if she needs any help.
    • Footings are already poured.
    • Cooper can approach Erica about the status of the remaining 3 butterflies.
  • Bike week is first week of June
    • In the past we have done a commuter station on the Starkweather Creek Bike Path near the Commercial Street bridge.
      • EPNA sponsored refreshments.
    • Commuter station would happen June 8th.
    • Zach Johnson moves to allocate $50 for coffee and bagels at the Madison Bike Week commuter station. Charlie seconds. Unanimously approved.

Charlie moves to adjourn, seconded by Cooper, unanimously approved.

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