June 2 Meeting Minutes

Introductions/Approval of minutes

  • Meeting called to order at 6:36pm with 9 people in attendance.
  • May minutes approved unanimously.

Treasurer Report

We are down to one book of checks, Numbers 1 through 40.  I am waiting until August to purchase more. Heartland CU is changing into Connexus CU this summer. So we will get a new account number when that change happens. I am waiting until then to order more checks.

June 1, 2022


Eken Park  Neighborhood Association.

Current Balance: $16,681.56

And our checkbook is balanced at $16,601.56


$3090 Pending Liability-Butterflies from Erika.

$80.00 Outstanding check #80

$6884 Festival Rainout Fund balance

= $6627 (rounded off) REMAINING BALANCE.

Pending categories which can be flexible in timing and or dollar amount.

$1416, Nominal annual operating expenses.  This amount is paid over the course of the year. (This increased by $400 to reflect purchasing general liability insurance)

Customary Support Spending by EPNA, e.g. Bashford Food pantry.

To be Determined.  EPNA spends money for “something”  gets reimbursed by the city later.

Jim via Zoom chat
  • Jim discussed his proposed bylaws change, see separate post.
    • A member expressed support for the change.
    • Another member suggested that we don’t need to amend the bylaws, but rather make a policy decision.

Committee Reports

  • Transportation committee
    • Bike week coming up
    • Call for volunteers at our booth
    • Wednesday, June 8th, 7am to 10am
  • Festival Update
    • July 20th Cabaret hosting an event for the Festival
    • Beanie Baggie toss Saturday 6/25, rain date Sunday at Dexters.

Festival Donation Update

Alder Updates

  • Syed absent

Open comments

  • Charlie suggests that EPNA hold a volunteer fair to solicit volunteers for the Eken Park Festival.
    • Volunteers for the committee could be helpful for next year.
    • Volunteers for this year for the day before especially, but also the day of would be very helpful.
    • We should direct people to sign up for the blog.
    • Meeting agenda item added for August to solicit volunteers.
  • Historically, EPNA had an account at Associated Bank
    • Officers tried to cancel but cochair Jody would not sign
    • Associated Bank suggested that they leave it open so that it would become inactive.
    • City of Madison has deposited money into this account, causing it to be active.
    • Ben would like to transfer that money into the current Heritage Account by writing a cashiers’ check to EPNA.
  • Kelly would like permission to trim plantings around the butterfly sculptures at North and Commercial
    • A member expressed concern with trimming the plants as it might cause them to not propagate and allow undesirable plants to take root.
    • Ben will get in touch with Rick regarding (greenspace committee chair a solution.

Charlie moves to adjourn, seconded by Kelly, unanimously approved at 7:28pm.

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