September 1 Meeting Minutes

Introductions/Approval of minutes

  • Meeting called to order at 6:35pm with 9 people in attendance.
  • August minutes not published, approval deferred until November.
  • Catie moves to approve July minutes, Charlie seconded, approved unanimously.

Treasurer report

September 1, 2022



Our checkbook reads: $26,348.57

Outstanding checks equal $1,895.78

Our checkbook balances.


Butterflies to be installed,   $3,090.??

Tax liabilities, $???

Attorney fees, $375, plus ???

Other ordinary expenses.

Treasurer Report

September 1, 2022



Heritage Credit Union has closed. It has become Connexus Credit Union. 

We have online banking with Connexus.  We have checks from Connexus. 

We have a debit card from Connexus, however it bears my name as well as Eken Park Neighborhood Association.  I do not believe Connexus is able to issue a debit card with just the Association name on it.

Treasurer Report

September 1, 2022



We met with an attorney about our tax situation.  We have several choices. We do not know how much money each choice will cost.  We have to investigate each choice.

YEAR Nominal Revenue Est Tax    Est penalty   Sub Total Est fees

2018 $18,695 $1638 $935 $2573

2019 $17,744 $1716 $888 $2604

2020 $2,540 -0- -0-

2021 $18,200 $1930 $910 $2840

Attorney fee (estimated maximum) $4000

Accountant fee $ ????

SUBTOTALS $8017 ?????

Maybe, that’s maybe, we might face upwards of $15,000 – $16,000 in costs all told.


NOTES on tax computations. READ THIS. 

 First off, the attorney tells us we have a decent chance of escaping all tax liability. This a decent chance. This not a guarantee.

I always will err on the side of the worst case potential. This ensures all surprises are good ones.  

EPNA is registered as a corporate entity in Wisconsin. This provides the members of EPNA a measure of liability protection.  If some one sues EPNA, they get to sue the corporate entity, not the members individually.

I computed taxes by multiplying profits per year by 28%, the corporate tax rate.  I assessed penalties according to the IRS rules noted by the attorney. (Penalty caps as 5% of gross revenue, or $10,500, whichever is lower) 

I don’t know an estimate of accounting fees yet so I left that empty.

I’m thinking at most, EPNA might face a combined tax liability and professional fee costs of maybe $15,000 to $16,000.

I strongly suspect our costs will be much lower than that.  BUT,… I can’t prove – right this instant – that our costs will be lower.   It also depends on what choices we make going forward in resolving the tax situation. So……. estimate high, just in case.

Jim Wold

Moms on a Mission

  • SRO Police Officers have been removed from MMSD
    • Black and brown youth advocated for this
  • There has been fighting incidents at East High School
    • Because of this there is a push to have SRO back at schools
    • One alternative proposed is to increase police presence in EE
    • A creative alternative to police presence is MOMs
      • MOMs has volunteers present.
        • They pass out snacks
          • One argument is that hunger is contributing to fighting incidents
      • MOMs is fundraising for snacks
      • They meet around Milios Sandwiches near East High School
  • Questions
    • Fundraising goals?
      • 9k goal, so far raised $6,666

Families for Justice, JustDane, Midwest Mujeres, and Sabrina Madison (founder of The Progress Center for Black Women) are joining forces to raise $7,250 in funds for our community’s very own Moms On a Mission (MOMs)! 

MOMs is a grassroots, community-based group of mothers who show up to East High School in Madison, Wisconsin to help foster the community our kids deserve! MOMs creates a nonviolent environment by being present, by creating relationships, by de-escalating conflict, and by bringing community volunteers together to make a difference, right away, on the ground.

Jamie from chat

EPNA Festival Recap

  • Attendance lower than previous in-person years.
  • Slightly lower funds raised.
    • Costs were up, revenue down.
    • Still net positive.

Butterfly Garden Proposal 

  • When butterfly garden was established, it was agreed that EPNA would maintain the landscaping.
    • Sydney and Sara have taken on the responsibility to do the landscaping.
      • Native plants
  • Catie moves to authorize up to $500 for Sydney and Sarah to be reimbursed for plants for use in the butterfly garden.
    • Seconded by Sydney.
    • Approved unanimously.
  • Annual cost would be lower, if any.
  • Planting will happen Sat. 24th September, 9am – 11am.

Emmerson East Merger

  • Committee should be formed to suggest whether and how to merge with EENA.
  • Regarding tax liability, attorney suggested we could form a new neighborhood association. A merger could achieve this.
  • Committee should consider the above.
  • Catie and Ben volunteered to be involved in the committee.
  • Charlie moves to form an ad hoc committee to evaluate the logistics and feasibility of merging with EENA.
    • Seconded by Catie.
    • Unanimously Approved.

Alder Updates

  • Alder not present

Open comments

  • Has there been any communication between owners/operators of new beer/coffee/bakery space on North and Commercial?
    • There was some initially immediately after purchase of property.
    • The owners of Cafe Domestique donated coffee to Festival Volunteers
    • There was a neighborhood meeting, not directly with EPNA, no officers present.
  • Festival committee
    • Needs committee members:
      • Chairperson
      • Music/Bands person
      • Food Vendor coord
      • Non-food Vendor coord
      • Kids Section
      • Beer Sales
      • Volunteer Coordinator
      • Site Coordinator
      • Fund-raising Coordinator
      • Advertising and Social Media
      • Graphics & Art Design
    • A member suggested we might need a communication coordinator
      • It would be helpful to know what the workload is like and when the bulk of work for a given role would be.
      • Another member suggested the chairperson should be responsible for reporting back to the EPNA.
  • We should try to get the giving committee to finish their suggestion by November

Charlie moved to adjourn, Ben seconds, meeting adjourned at 7:25pm.

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