November 3 Meeting Minutes

Introductions/Approval of minutes

  • Meeting called to order at 6:36pm with 11 people in attendance. 
  • Peggy referred a Catherine Joy as potential accountant.
  • Minutes:
    • Two members asked for a detailed financial report regarding the festival.
    • Treasurer needs to communicate with Festival Chair regarding financial details before generating one.
    • Jim moves to approve October minutes, seconded by Zack, approved unanimously.

Treasurer report

November 3, 2022 



Bank Statement $25,044.60

Our checkbook reads: $25,044.60 Our checkbook balances. 


Festival Expense – Beer permit $700. From City Clerk’s office. I suspect they are swamped by election stuff. We’ll get it when they have time.

Butterflies to be installed, $3,090.?? Tax liabilities, $ 8,000 ?

Professional fees, $375, plus ??? 

Other ordinary expenses:

Renewal of PO Box, $150?, 

Treasurer Report 

November 3, 2022



Heritage Credit Union has closed. It has become Connexus Credit Union. 

Treasurer Report 

November 3, 2022



In summary, EPNA exists as taxable entity, not a tax exempt entity.  We owe taxes for at least the years, 2018, 2019, 2021 and this year 2022.  We wish to become a tax exempt entity, preferably a 501(c)(3) corporation.

My best guess is we owe about $8000 in tax liabilities plus whatever we might owe for 2022.  Professional fees may run up to $6000 – $8000 depending upon what we do.  Now, based upon the attorney’s advice, we might be able to legally avoid most, if not all, of our tax liabilities.

We have consulted an attorney who advised that we hire an accountant to assist us in completing the various tax forms required to become a 501(c)(3) corporation.

I have exhausted my resources as to finding a suitable accounting firm which could assist us in filing for 501(c)(3) status and resolving our outstanding tax situation.  

At this point I am reduced to going to the Wisconsin Association of Accountants and the Wisconsin Institute of CPAs and blindly asking for referrals to accountants in the Madison Area.

If you have better advice, tell me. 

Jim Wold, Treasurer

Committee Reports

  • Merge with Emerson East NA
    • Meeting on Sunday
  • Greenspace Committee
    • Charlie talked to Rick
      • Rick is happy to cede responsibility of leadership of the Greenspace committee, but would still feel strongly about plantings at the butterfly garden.
      • Chair does not want there to be conflict between the Greenspace committee and Rick regarding the butterfly garden.
      • A member expressed enthusiasm for a change in leadership on the committee.

Bylaws Amendment for Policies

Membership Policy

  • Proposed new policy will be published on blog.
  • Charlie is interested in adding to the policy to have an introductory period before a new member is eligible to vote to mitigate the risk of brigading.
  • Charlie’s amendment to Jim’s policy will be discussed at a later meeting.
  • Postponed until January.

Officer Nominations and Elections

  • Treasurer
    • Jim nominated himself for treasurer in Oct meeting.
    • Jim ran unopposed.
    • Membership voted unanimously for Jim to continue as Treasurer.
  • Secretary
    • Catie nominated Ben for secretary.
    • Ben was previously treasurer and secretary.
    • Ben ran for secretary unopposed.
    • Membership voted unanimously for Ben as Secretary.
  • Co-chair
    • Maggie nominated Peggy as cochair.
      • Peggy declined.
    • No other nominations.
    • There is precedent for a single co-chair temporarily. 
    • There is no election for cochair in this meeting.
    • A member suggested we advertise the position in the time between meetings.
      • Another member suggested that we post in the blog with details about the responsibilities of the role.

Open comments

  • A member expressed concern that discussions in the meetings have been too focussed on details of procedure and bylaws. They proposed that the Officers should discuss details outside of membership meetings and bring a more finalized proposal to the membership.
  • A member inquired about the unfinished butterfly sculptures.
    • Ben has recently communicated with Erica and she is starting to work again and will finish sculptures soon.
  • Tom moves to write a letter on behalf of the NA to thank outgoing alder Syed Abbas for his service to the neighborhood. Jim seconds, unanimously approved.

Ben moved to adjourn, Charlie seconded, unanimously approved, meeting adjourned at 7:27pm.

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