December 1 Meeting Minutes

Introductions/Approval of minutes

  • Meeting called to order at 6:36pm with 9 people in attendance.

Treasurer report

November 1, 2022



Bank Statement $24,846.79

Our checkbook reads: $24,146.79

Outstanding undeposited check equals $700.00

Our checkbook balances.


Butterflies to be installed,  $3,090.??

Tax liabilities, $ 8,000 ?

Professional fees, $375, plus ???

Other ordinary expenses. We renewed our PO Box on Nov. 26 for $182.  Last year it cost $140.

Treasurer Report

November 1, 2022



Heritage Credit Union has closed. It has become Connexus Credit Union. 

Treasurer Report

November 1, 2022



We owe back taxes for up to three past years and will owe for calendar 2022.

We met with an attorney about our tax situation.  We have several choices. We do not know how much money each choice will cost.  We have to investigate each choice.

Maybe, that’s maybe, we might face upwards of $15,000 – $16,000 in costs all told.  I strongly suspect our costs will be much lower than that.  BUT,… I can’t prove – right this instant – that our costs will be lower.

The immediate issue regarding taxes is finding an accountant to complete and file appropriate tax forms for back taxes AND the tax forms needed for becoming a 501(c)(3) tax exempt entity.   My efforts to this point are stymied.  Many firms are refusing new business at this time.

I know that I have been advised that EPNA may well be able to ignore our tax liabilities and continue as we have been doing.  However, knowing about but refusing to address  tax liability can be construed as a criminal act. I am completely unwilling to advise or counsel EPNA to engage in any behavior that risks, however unlikely, criminal charges.

Jim Wold, Treasurer

Committee Reports

EENA Merger

  • Ben met with Tom and heard their position on why we should merge.
  • Further discussion in Jan Meeting.


  • Worst case scenario regarding rain and costs being higher, yet still in the black.

Greenspace Leadership

  • There has been some discussion between Maggie and Bernice regarding sharing leadership on the committee.
  • Further discussion in Jan meeting.

Alder Updates

  • There will be a resolution Jan 6th. to appoint Syed’s replacement. This position will be active until April.
  • Two people reached out to Syed, although Syed encourages the membership to reach out to him if they are interested in being interim Alder.

Open comments

  • A member noticed a news article regarding Madison’s renewed interest in a train station. Several of the proposed sites are near or in Eken Park.
    • On Monday (December 5th), there will be a public discussion you can attend in person and one via Zoom.
    • Possibly at Hooper Corp site per Syed.

Ben moved to adjourn, Jim seconded, meeting adjourned at 6:47pm.

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