January 5, 2023 Meeting Minutes

EPNA Membership Meeting on January 5, 2023
Report submitted by Ben Shannon (Secretary)

  • Introductions
  • Approval of Minutes
    o Tom made motion to approve December minutes (Sue second)
    o VOTE: Unanimous approval
  • Jim Treasurer Report
    o Subject: Jim prepared an annual financial statement for EPNA
    ▪ According to Jim’s calculations, EPNA made $288 in yearly revenue
    ▪ Of particular importance was the Festival revenue, which was ~$1400. Jim
    pointed out that, although this was less than expected, it was still a success,
    considering the rainy conditions of the festival.
    ▪ Jim also noted that, in 2022, the EPNA spent more money than normal on
    expenses like lawyers and an accountant to sort through some of the financial
    questions we’ve been trying to answer
    o Discussion:
    ▪ Bernice asked if there is a financial report from the Festival, and Kaitlin
    confirmed that there is a report and that it will be posted on the blog for all the
    membership to view (Ben or Charlie will take care of posting this).
    ▪ Kaitlin also confirmed for Bernice that the funds for the volunteer party come
    from a portion the tip money for beer sales
  • Green Space Committee
    o Subject: Maggie and Bernice would like to be co-chairs of the relaunched Green Space
    Committee. They plan to use the neighborhood blog, fliers, and social media to recruit
    new members to the committee. They plan to begin working on the neighborhood
    green spaces this spring.
    o Charlie made a motion to approve Maggie and Bernice as co-chairs of the Green Space
    Committee (Tom Second)
    ▪ VOTE: Unanimous approval
  • Eken Park and Emerson East Neighborhood Associations Merger
    o Subject: Charlie reminded the members of the idea of a merger, proposed by Emerson
    East Neighborhood Association. He handed off the discussion to Tom and Ben, who are
    members of the exploratory Merger Committee.
    o Tom updated the group on the meeting that he and Ben attended on November 6th
  1. During that meeting, representatives from EENA laid out their case for a merger.
    Ben mentioned that he and Tom were meeting with EENA representatives again in
    January, and would provide a full report with tentative proposal at the February
  • Change of Bylaws
    o Subject: Jim described the proposed changes and their purpose, which was to simplify
    the membership timeline. Under the current bylaws, membership runs from November
    through October, but those who pay their dues after April are given membership from
    that point to the following October. Under the new proposal, yearly membership would
    run from September through August, regardless of when an individual paid their dues.
    o Charlie moved to approve the bylaws change, Bernice second
    ▪ VOTE: Unanimous approval
  • Open Comments
    o Sherman Middle School PTO
    ▪ Emily __ was visiting as a representative of the Sherman Middle School PTO.
    She is asking for donations to the PTO from neighborhood associations in areas
    served by the middle school. She requested between $300 and 500 dollars to
    be used for a school t-shirt project, school dances, and other community
    building activities at the school.
    ▪ Comments:
  • Jim said that it is not possible to get the money approved right now
    because of our complicated tax situation and the fact that the ad hoc
    Giving Committee has not finalized their form for requesting funds
  • Bernice said that the Giving Committee is ready to submit their form for
    approval by the EPNA and would like to do so in the February meeting
  • Ben requested to put a vote for $300-500 for Sherman PTO on the
    February agenda
    o Blake Alvarenga
    ▪ Mr. Alvarenga is running for District 12 Alder and wanted to introduce himself
    to the EPNA members. He described his interest is serving as alder and took
    questions from the membership.
    o Ben made a motion to continue the meeting for 5 minutes (Tom second)
    ▪ VOTE: Unanimous approval
  • Ben moved to adjourn (Sue second

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