February Notes and Announcements

Hello neighbors, on February 2nd we held our Monthly Neighborhood Association meeting, and here are all of the notes and announcements from that meeting, and from the past month. I will try to make it a monthly practice to post these notes every month!

We had about the busiest meeting I can recall for a long time!

  • formed a Giving Committee in order to start considering grant applications
  • Donated money to Sherman Middle School to help them with a t-shirt project.
  • Donated money to kick-start the Emerson Eken Art Walk
  • Heard from Gloria Reyes who is running for Mayor of Madison
  • Officially kicked off our 2023 Eken Park Festival by designating a budget to get licenses from the city!

Please check out this important announcement about our Eken Park green spaces:

Second, see these important notes about our ongoing discussions concerning a proposed merger with the Emerson East Neighborhood Association:

In our February meeting, we formed a Giving Committee, however we did not yet populate it, so if you’re interested in serving on the committee, please attend our March meeting. We will be considering the following proposed Giving Committee charge at the March meeting and seeking out members to help us serve our neighborhood financially.

We’ve also had a handful of requests for our 2022 Eken Park Festival financial report. This was prepared last year, and in the future we will endeavor to present it to the EPNA in a more timely manner!

And finally, please take a look at our February Treasurers Report

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