EPNA/EENA Merger Meeting

On Thursday May 5th, the Eken Park Neighborhood will be voting on whether to merge with the Emerson East Neighborhood Association. This will dissolve the Eken Park Neighborhood Association, and create a new neighborhood association. The vote will take place in two successive Eken Park meetings, the first of which will take place at 6:30PM at the community room at Hawthorne Library.

Broadly this merger is being sought for several reasons:

  • Additional volunteer pool for the activities that each neighborhood has traditionally sponsored, such as the Eken Park festival, the Emerson East yard sale, and of course the committees and volunteers that make up the neighborhood associations themselves.
  • Have a larger voice in city and county affairs – Emerson East and Eken Park are each two of the smaller neighborhood associations, and we can have a greater impact by combining our voices.

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