How to participate in the new Transportation Committee

Hello Eken Park! The neighborhood association is starting a transportation committee to tackle issues related to pedestrian, bike, bus safety in the neighborhood. Our first official meeting will be on Dec 9th at 6:30 online. For now, we will plan on meeting every other month the week after the regular EPNA Monthly meeting (every otherContinue reading “How to participate in the new Transportation Committee”

Comments to our representatives

Hi everybody.  In this redistricting battle, there is an unusual opportunity to make your voice heard.  Robin Vos, surprisingly, has put up a website where citizens can submit their own redistricting maps.  In an effort to let the State Legislature know that we are watching, and that we are aware of the tools we have, I did theContinue reading “Comments to our representatives”

Major street project on E Johnson St in September

This message is mostly for people who live on or commute on the 2600 block of E Johnson St. Those most affected likely got a letter from the city about it. That letter has some very serious errors in it. The project will start later in September, and will close that segment of E JohnsonContinue reading “Major street project on E Johnson St in September”

Two items – bike week, and yard sales in Emerson East

Eken Park Neighborhood is having another bike commuting station next week Wednesday (9/15) for Madison Bike Week!The commuter station will be at the intersection of the Starkweather Creek Bike Path and Commercial Avenue, right where EPNA painted a bridge mural earlier this summer. There will be treats and coffee, while supplies last, for those who bikeContinue reading “Two items – bike week, and yard sales in Emerson East”

Feedback site for jet noise mitigation

Community Input on Noise MitigationConsolidated Appropriations Act, 2021The Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation (OLDCC) The Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation (OLDCC) has published in the Federal Register a notice on August 19 for Community Input on Noise Mitigation as part of the 2021 Consolidated Appropriations Act. The link to the notice and supplementary information can be found here: OLDCC is carrying out an effort requested underContinue reading “Feedback site for jet noise mitigation”

Lit drop still needed for Fest and memberships

We still need to have some of our streets hit with lit drops for the Festival and membership applications. We have lit set up ready for pickup at Kaitlin’s porch. We had a signup map there as well, but it seems someone has it. Please let me know if you have the map, and ifContinue reading “Lit drop still needed for Fest and memberships”

Military Air Traffic Next Two Weeks

Today is the first day of Operation Northern Lightning, a training activity by the Air National Guard, and continuing for the next two weeks. At 9:45 this morning, the first of the F-35s came over, dramatically louder than the F-16s that we are more familiar with. Most of the activity will be north of here,Continue reading “Military Air Traffic Next Two Weeks”

Traffic group for E. Washingtn

This is from our friend and neighbor, Jodi Wortsman: Hello Eken Park Neighborhood Association, In light of recent tragedies on East Washington Avenue, we are organizing a collective action to demand that changes be made to East Washington Avenue so it is accessible for all people to use as a transportation corridor and allows safeContinue reading “Traffic group for E. Washingtn”

Weeding at the Johnson/E Wash entrance

Come help weed Eken Park butterfly sculpture area Sunday 7/25. Yes it is going to be hot this weekend but our beautiful butterfly sculptures at East Washington and East Johnson are being lost to tall weeds and scrub tree saplings. Join us at 7:30 am this Sunday 7/25 to start to make a dent inContinue reading “Weeding at the Johnson/E Wash entrance”