Eken Park Playground Fundraiser

EKEN PARK PLAYGROUND PROJECT UPDATE Hi Neighbors. We have less than one month left until our fundraising deadline of April 15th. Currently we have raised $6,000!! We are only $2,000 short of our goal. Can you help us? Remember that your entire donation goes directly to Madison Parks Foundation and is tax-deductible. Please take aContinue reading “Eken Park Playground Fundraiser”

News around the neighborhood

Eken Park Playground Project Update. Nineteen wonderful neighbors have donated a total of $3,245 as of today. Yay, neighbors! Donations have ranged from $10 to $1,000, and every single one is appreciated so much. With the coming donation of $1,000 from EPNA, that puts us just over halfway to our goal of $8,000 which hasContinue reading “News around the neighborhood”

Metro transit meeting tonight

Today, at 6:00 pm, Metro Transit and the City of Madison Transportation Commission will hold a virtual public hearing to review and discuss service adjustments proposed for later in the year. Please Sign Up to Speak Virtually You can watch the live meeting here: https://media.cityofmadison.com/Mediasite/Showcase/madison-city-channel/Presentation/4078f72606cc49a987660e1b30fc0e821d Proposed service adjustments include: Route 2 – Increase weekday frequency from every 30 minutes to everyContinue reading “Metro transit meeting tonight”

Information on the park fundraising

Eken Park Playground Project FAQs. #1 in the list of FAQs (and the only one, so far): If the goal of the fund raiser is not met, what happens to the money donated? Answer:  All money donated will go to the project, less some administrative/credit card fees. If the goal is not met, it justContinue reading “Information on the park fundraising”