Military Air Traffic Next Two Weeks

Today is the first day of Operation Northern Lightning, a training activity by the Air National Guard, and continuing for the next two weeks. At 9:45 this morning, the first of the F-35s came over, dramatically louder than the F-16s that we are more familiar with. Most of the activity will be north of here,Continue reading “Military Air Traffic Next Two Weeks”

Upcoming Event Regarding F-35s

This Thursday at 10:00am, Eken Park Resistance and Safe Skies Clean Water will hold an informational event at Washington Manor Park regarding the F-35 fighter jet Beddown at Truax Field (Madison Airport). Featured speakers will include our city Alder, Syed Abbas and our State Representative, Francesca Hong. See Safe Skies Clean Water website for moreContinue reading “Upcoming Event Regarding F-35s”

Join Eken Park Resistance to speak out against F35s

Hey neighbors – The threat of F35s being based at Truax field remains high. A group of our neighbors have worked together to form the Eken Park Resistance. You may have noticed some of the awesome bright yellow posters in neighbor’s windows! Earlier this year, the EPNA voted against the F35s being based in MadisonContinue reading “Join Eken Park Resistance to speak out against F35s”