March 2020 Meeting Agenda

Welcome / Approval of minutes Update on the 3040-46 Commercial Avenue Site from Gregg Schmanski Reality Communications Update: New Blog! and how to best stay up to date with EPNA Update on Neighborhood Happenings: Oscar Mayer, F-35s Alder Update Committee Updates: Festival, Voucher, Gateway Open Comments Neighborhood Event Updates: Spring Clean Up Day, Bike toContinue reading “March 2020 Meeting Agenda”

February 2020 Meeting Agenda

Approval of the Minutes Update on City Meetings over the last month: – Old KFC / Dunkin’ Donuts – Two Oscar Mayer meetings Guest speaker: Paul Noeldner; Friends of Hartmeyer Natural Area  Pending: Community Officer update and discussion of shooting on Dahle/Pawling  Pending: Alder Update  Committee Updates: – Organizing Committees: We currently have 2 standing committees – FestivalContinue reading “February 2020 Meeting Agenda”