February, 2023 EPNA Agenda

Agenda for Eken Park Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting Date: February 2nd, 2023 Time: 6:30 PM Location: Bashford and Zoom I. Introductions (5 minutes) II. Approval of January, 2023 meeting minutes (5 minutes) III. Mayoral Candidate Gloria Reyes (15 minutes) IV. Giving Committee Policy (15 minutes) V. Donation to Sherman PTO (5 minutes) VII. Emerson/Eken ArtContinue reading “February, 2023 EPNA Agenda”

Proposed New Membership Policy

James Wold is submitting this as a proposed policy, for consideration at the next EPNA meeting in January. PROPOSAL TO CREATE A POLICY GOVERNING TERMS AND DURATION OF MEMBERSHIP. Membership Terms. Whereas, currently membership terms are set forth on the website of the Eken Park Neighborhood Association, under the heading of “Join”. Those terms read:Continue reading “Proposed New Membership Policy”

Proposal To Amend The By Laws To Allow For The Creation Of Neighborhood Association Policies

Whereas, currently the Eken Park Neighborhood Association does not have policies, and  Whereas, By Laws may not always be the most appropriate vehicle or tool or means to address Association concerns, and Whereas, the Association would benefit by having a means to address concerns or direct or guide activities and functions of the Association, usingContinue reading “Proposal To Amend The By Laws To Allow For The Creation Of Neighborhood Association Policies”

Rainout! Beanie Baggies Postponed

Looks like the weather gods didn’t get the memo. I mean, who schedules rain for a Saturday anyways?! The Beanie Baggie tournament is postponed until tomorrow due to the rain. Even if the rain lets up a little, Dexter’s sand pit will still be wet and unpleasant. Follow the Facebook Event for any other eventContinue reading “Rainout! Beanie Baggies Postponed”

Festival Sponsorship Opportunities

The Eken Park Neighborhood Association (EPNA) is excited to announce the 6th Annual Eken Park Festival! As in years past, our festival will feature incredible musical talent from a wide range of genres, delicious local cuisine and beer,  kids’ activities, and much more — all while serving as the EPNA’s primary fundraising event. This revenueContinue reading “Festival Sponsorship Opportunities”

Proposed Amendment to Membership By Laws

Hey everybody, Here it is. IMPORTANT!!! Today is Monday May 30.  Article 8 requires BY Law amendments be declared/posted etc. at least one week prior to the member meeting. Therefore we can not present this proposal for consideration at the Thursday, June 2, 2022 monthly meeting.  We can present it for information only. Consideration mustContinue reading “Proposed Amendment to Membership By Laws”

Madison Metro Redesign Meeting for Districts 12 & 18

Neighbors, FYI – there is a meeting about the upcoming changes to Madison Metro this Thursday, March 10th @ 6pm There is some really big changes coming to the Madison Metro (that’s the city’s bus department for all you non-bus riders). Eken Park is slated to be on the intersection between 2 different BRT linesContinue reading “Madison Metro Redesign Meeting for Districts 12 & 18”

City of Madison Metro Network Plan

Over the next few months, City of Madison staff will be analyzing feedback on Metro’s Draft Network Plan  and making adjustments. There are many proposed changes that will affect bus routes in our neighborhood. The City is holding a meeting where you can provide feedback on March 10th. You can attend virtually via Zoom. For more information,Continue reading “City of Madison Metro Network Plan”