Minutes of EPNA meeting, June 4, 2020

EPNA June 4, 2020 meeting minutes

Meeting called to order at 6:31 PM.

Welcome and introductions.

Approval of May meeting minutes:

  • Motion made, seconded, and passed to approve the meeting minutes for May.

The EPNA meetings are being held on Zoom and are also being recorded.

Update on Eken Park Festival:

  • The festival has officially been cancelled for 2020.  The festival committee is exploring options such as a virtual show at the Cabaret.  They are looking for alternatives and are open to new ideas.

Update on the proposed Coolidge Street/Packers Avenue signalized 4 way intersection:

  • The next city meeting of importance will be the Plan Commission meeting on June 29th which starts at 5:30 PM.  Alder Abbas will post more information on his District 12 blog.

Green Space Committee update:

  • Most community spaces have been adopted.  The pollinator garden in Washington Manor Park will have weeding done.

General updates:

  • Apex Auto plans are moving forward; they will be expanding into an adjacent lot.
  • All EPNA’s summer events are cancelled.  They will be held again next year.
  • Community bridge painting event is on hold as it is a participatory event and will not be possible to do with social distancing.

Update on Ella’s Deli site:

  • Anne M. reported the project went to UDC and was well received.  There were questions about the proposed mural and zoning rules.  Next steps are the final UDC approval on July 1 and the Plan Commission on July 13.  Will Green from Mentoring Positives is also becoming involved in the project.

Open discussion:

  • Alder Abbas reported that residents of Kedzie Street have applied to get speed bumps on their street.
  • From Jeff S.: the empty lot at the corner of McCormick and Commercial is having work done on it by the city, Friends of Starkweather Creek, and Wild Ones.  It will become a park named Starkweather Legacy Park.  Canary reed grass is being removed and replaced with native plantings.
  • From Alder Abbas: the next meeting in which to effect changes to the Oscar Mayer Special Area Plan regarding the Hartmeyer area will be the Parks Commission meeting on June 10.  If anyone has questions regarding the three proposed plans for this area, please contact Alder Abbas.
  • A question was asked about traffic control on East Johnson Street because of many speeders.  Alder Abbas said traffic engineering will need to do an analysis first.
  • A question was asked of Alder Abbas about getting a 4 way stop at the intersection of North Street and Hoard Street due to the limited sight line and hazardous pedestrian crossing.
  • A question was asked of Alder Abbas about Vision Zero.
  • The nets for park basketball hoops should be reinstalled within the next week or two.
  • EPNA was made aware of problems at 533 Oak Street with garbage and tenants.
  • Discussion was held regarding a statement from EPNA in support of Black Lives Matter as well as a resolution on the same that Alder Abbas is working on for the city council.  Motion made and seconded that: EPNA officers will write a strong statement in support of Black Lives Matter and which will provide actionable steps that EPNA will take.  Motion passed.
  • Next month’s meeting (July) will be held via EPNA’s zoom account.

Motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and approved.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.

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