EPNA July 9, 2020 meeting minutes

EPNA July 9, 2020 meeting minutes

Meeting called to order at 6:31 PM.

This meeting was originally scheduled for July 2 but was delayed a week due to technical difficulties with the virtual meeting.

Welcome and introductions.

Approval of June meeting minutes:

  • Motion made, seconded, and passed to approve the meeting minutes for June.

Recap of Plan Commission meeting regarding the Oscar Mayer Special Area Plan by Alder Abbas:

  • Motion was made to adopt the plan as it was presented with 14 acres of the Hartmeyer Natural Area being preserved along with keeping the new Coolidge/Packers intersection with limited motor vehicle access.
  • Both the Sustainability and Housing Committees wanted to preserve more acreage of the Hartmeyer area.
  • Alder Abbas will bring forward a motion to remove the limited motor vehicle access at the common council and instead allow no motor vehicle access at the Coolidge/Packers intersection.
  • The Common Council meeting on the OMSAP is July 21. People need to show up and email or make public comments to put pressure on the council to not open an intersection at Coolidge/Packers.

Update on Black Lives Matter statement from EPNA:

  • Little feedback from the neighborhood – two posts on Facebook.

Update on Eken Park Festival:

  • The North Street Cabaret will livestream two bands on August 15 that had been scheduled to perform at the festival. The bands are “The Periodicals” and “Scorched Waves”. They will perform at 2 PM and 6 PM. There will be a maximum of ten people in the live audience. There will be a virtual tip jar and EPNA will be selling t-shirts.

Open discussion:

  • Tom R. proposed that EPNA start up a welcome wagon package again for people new to the neighborhood.
  • Next month’s meeting (August) will be held via EPNA’s zoom account due to coronavirus restrictions

Motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and approved.

Meeting adjourned at 7:05 PM.

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