Agenda for September Eken Park Neighborhood Association Meeting

Hey all –

Looking forward to seeing y’all via Zoom on Thursday, September 3rd at 6:30. Zoom details will be sent out via the blog on Thursday, at the latest.


1) Welcome / approval of August minutes 
2) Committee Updates:
Festival Committee: Celebrate!, Budget finalization / request 
Green Space Committee: – Spring bulbs are bought, Washington Manor Tree has been treated 
Gateway Committee: – Butterfly to be installed!! Let’s name them 🙂 
New Committee to replace older Outreach Committee?
3) Financial Requests:
 – Butterfly Flower Seeds 
– Donation to Children’s Black Lives Matter march 
– Funding for September Membership Drive & approval of Membership Drive 
4) Follow ups from last meeting: 
– Decision on timing of Bridge Painting
– Update on BLM Letter Commitments: EPNA Anti-Racist Reading Group, By-law review, promotion of events
– Updates on East Washington Traffic Issues 
– Updates on new EPNA Logo
– Update on Public Market 
– Alder Abbas will comment on the above items, but also holding extra time for any additional Alder updates
5) Open Comments 
6) Reminder about EPNA elections in November!
– Co-chair, Secretary, and Treasurer are all open positions
7) Open Discussion around the shooting on Commercial Street. – Note: We are keeping this topic as last so if we need to go past the one hour time block, we can vote to do so
8) Adjourn 

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